Worth A Thousand Words



Mercantile Group is looking for enthusiastic, outgoing and customer focused candidate to be our host / hostess in one of our leading venues…This position will be working alongside our existing team in the run up to Christmas with additional hours scheduled from January 2016 when an opportunity on the team will arise. Please send through a CV and cover photo


Host/Hostess, Mercantile Group (Jobs.ie)

Thanks Bob

21 thoughts on “Worth A Thousand Words

  1. Kolmo

    Work up until Christmas (alongside = for free?), then a position may be offered to you, if one arises in January … the month nobody goes out…but you’ll work till then…smells like you’ll be on trial for the busiest month of the year…

    costumer focused? – what else are you going to be? unfocused, hostile…

        1. Deluded

          Oh god no, whiney narcissism and drug-induced sexual psychosis. (Very popular with the young people, though, I hear).
          It’s no “Sympathy for the Devil” I’m afraid.
          Anyway, I think the counter-culture sadly misinterpreted a meandering subconscious and endorphin feed-back as a received truth.
          I never cared for the Stone’s brand of drunken jarring and plinky-plonk (… and I grew up listening to 60s and 70s music as I found that 80s music had little relevance out in the bog).
          I find their lyrics interesting; how have Jagger and co fared and has their philosophy developed or changed?

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