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Among this year’s Global Economic Forum invited attendants. The forum runs from today until Saturday.

Regional meetings will take place in Derry, Galway, Limerick and Laois while the forum will meet in Dublin Castle tomorrow and Saturday.


Full list of the participants here

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9 thoughts on “Flagged

  1. scottser

    i see frank ryan from the ida will be there to reassure multinationals that we’re still willing to squander taxpayer’s money defending illegal CPOs in the supreme court.

  2. rotide

    Jesus , you guys are so easily turned on. The mere mention of his name has produces an erection of pant ripping proportions.

    it’s a business forum, it would be wierd if he WASN’T invited.

    But keep up with the masturbation.

  3. Kevin M

    Rose Hynes

    Feargal O Rourke


    Frank Ryan, Martin Shanahan from the IDA

    There may be trouble ahead.

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