34 thoughts on “Subway Respect

      1. Phil

        “Please show your agency or shelter certificate to redeem your free meal. One free meal per customer per visit at this location. Meal incluseds a 6″ reg sub, 21 oz. drink and one side”

  1. dav

    Great, our government outsourcing the homeless problem to companies who sole purpose is to make a profit.

    1. Owen

      What are you on about?? How can you be cynical about this? A private company is offering a free meal void of any link to government, but somehow the government outsourced a problem to money hungry private firms?

      Must get tiring always finding the negative, even when one is not there.

    2. Casey

      Wow – congrats on making me not the most cynical person on the thread.

      How is this anything to do with the government when it has been Subway policy in the US for months now? (Even if this is a cynical marketing ploy which may or may not have some tax breaks available)

    3. rotide

      Dav has been on a roll all day.

      Everything is the government’s fault. Or Dennis O’Brien. Or wealthy southsiders.

      Words of wisdom from millenium boardwalk.

      1. Mr. T.

        “Everything is the government’s fault. Or Dennis O’Brien. Or wealthy southsiders.”

        It’s often true though. Poor government policy, corrupt payments to politicians and professionals who dodge their taxes on a huge scale cause untold damage to a country.

    1. Starina

      yeah. i’m glad they’re doing it – reduces stigma in its way – but how did the govt let it get this bad?!

  2. Scooperman

    I think this sign would read better if it said ‘homeless people’ instead of ‘the homeless’

  3. bertie blenkinsop

    I normally dismiss such sightings as nonsense but I can definitely see the reflection of Jesus in that poster.

    1. Owen

      You mean we all discussed this for NOTHING?? But I made some really solid points here! I even god all my spelling correct, and got for “you’re vs your” right for the first time ever!

      The rage in me burns like the hunger of homeless America…..

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