Free this afternoon?

The Republic of Ireland take on their Spanish counterparts at the Tallaght Stadium, Dublin in a ‘do or die’ Euro 2017 qualifier.

Kick off is 2pm and the match will be broadcast LOIVE on Setanta Sports.




Final Score: 

Rep. of Ireland 0 Spain 3

Louise Quinn was named player of the match.

RTÉ match tracker
Football Association of Ireland

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9 thoughts on “Bring Your Olé

  1. Murtles

    Pity it’s at 2pm (damn work) should be a great game. Best of luck to the ladies, hopefully we should have Euro 2016 paid off just in time to go back in 2017. COYGIG.

  2. RainyDay

    Probably risking (virtual) life and limb here but should sports be shown live on TV based on participation base, (i.e.) the amount that play it, large numbers equal high standard etc…. or should meeja hype driven PC agenda driven my meeja hype push sports like this onto our TV’s?
    It’s worth debating, because in fairness if you know your football (soccer) you will know that the standard of these games is generally quite poor ….*ducks down in anticipation of oncoming slaughter from the mob*

    1. Bingo

      I’d agree with you if we were still in two-channel land but given the sheer amount of media outlets and the dearth of decent content, we should be glad of live sport (at any level).
      Fills the air with talented people instead of nonsense “reality” shows or repeats….

    2. rotide

      Setanta don’t have a public service remit nevermind a gender equality remit.

      its 2pm on a thursday, there isn’t much else on and this is an irish international.

      I wouldn’t think about it too hard.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I heard her on the radio about six months ago talking about the dress she wore to the award thingy. Fupping ‘ell. She went way down on my cool wall.

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