Rumours Of War








Members of the Defence Forces taking part in a three-day military exercise – called Dark Nights – in Kilworth, Co. Cork.

RTÉ reported the event, which had been planned for several months, as the “largest military exercise in Ireland in recent years”, involving 650 men and women.

It is expected to finish today.

‘Dark Nights’ military exercise under way in Cork (RTE)

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Pics: Michael O’Toole

35 thoughts on “Rumours Of War

  1. Charger Salmons

    The Irish Army is the best in the world at marching backwards.
    The armoured personnel carrier pictured has one forward and 14 reverse gears.
    The feller lying down is practising what the Irish army is also best at – getting drunk and falling down.
    I thank you.

  2. Declan

    Lot of anger here today but I’m glad they’re finally getting tough on the People’s Republic of Cork separatists

    1. pedeyw

      I’d be happy enough for Cork to declare a separate republic. It might stop them banging on about being the “real” capital.

        1. classter

          I have heard plenty from Cork people about the ‘real capital’.

          I just give them a condescending nod and a wan smile.

          Trust me, the ‘more of a pro Cork thing rather than anti everywhere thing’ is oftne lost in translation.

  3. tomhig

    Guy in the top picture looks like he is lost on some motorway – as all the rest are down in the woods today

  4. rotide

    Where’s Zuppy to tell us this is all part of the NWO’s plan to erode irish neutrality and be part of an elite NATO strike force?

  5. Kolmo

    Defense forces. Not an arm of Haliburton, Monsanto, Lockheed or Shell oil…or NATO.

    Why is Turkey provoking Russia?
    Why is the US now training Ukrainian military?

    1. Declan

      The kind of adventure scouts I want to be in – they must have some Craic in a Moway when they off road it – also if they saw the Aliens movie where they went back to the planet with Ripley

  6. Hashtag McMór

    In fairness, the Cork churlishness over the Dublin Web Summit merits invasion. I do hope they have translators as part of the assault team on the Rabble County.

        1. Hashtag McMór

          Have you called in EIR support? Remember when Ireland was Offline and you were VERY VERY IMPORTANT? As for now…

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