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        1. Vote Rep #1

          Lights, purposely built to omit a bright light, are hard to see but a bit of clothing that omits not light isn’t? Absolute rubbish.

          1. Disasata

            Vote Rep #1 is not intelligent. Arguing against added visibility.
            You see motor cyclists with them too, sure they’re just wearing them for the fashion statement yeah?

          2. Parky Mark

            Clothing doesn’t emit light, it reflects it. Dark clothing is harder to see than bright yellow clothing as it doesn’t reflect the same amount of light.

        2. Mick

          Would like to offer the girl a complete set of mybrightbike lights.

          All she has to do is email me at with her name address and what colour she prefers and will post a set out to her.

          One of the most noticeable lights for bikes.

      1. Christopher

        Have you ever been out of doors in a city after 5pm in the winter? Even with lights cyclists are really hard to see. If I were a commuter on a bike I’d be wearing everything I can to ensure I don’t get squished by a van or having a pedestrian walk straight into my way on the road (I’ve seen this many times- pedestrians seem to only see cars when they start jaywalking- its frightening).

        1. manolo

          If visibility is low, slow down. Don’t assume everyone is wearing high-vis silly tops, including pedestrians and cyclists. Cars hit people, not the other way around.

      1. David

        There’s no enforcement of vehicle lighting laws in this country whatsoever, outside the NCT. Well, there is – everybody’s individual version of them.

        Could be a nice little (little?) earner for the gardaí, fining everyone who has either a light blown or runs around with fog lamps on when it’s not snowy or foggy, which seems like most people sometimes.

        1. manolo

          … so she just needs to also become a keyboard warrior, then she has what it takes to join your club, right?

          1. Vote Rep #1

            what club is that exactly? I firstly said that just lights were all that was necessary. If you feel that disagreeing with someone cycling in the dark without lights makes someone a keyboard warrior, then fine.

          2. manolo

            Calling someone you don’t know an idiot from behind your anonymity makes you look pretty bad in my view. That is what keyboard warriors do, and what you called her kind of suits this brave group equally.

          3. Vote Rep #1

            I call anyone who cycles without lights in the dark through a city an idiot because its a dangerously idiotic thing to do. If she were standing in front of me, I would tell her to her face but she is not so I do here instead. Do you believe that cycling through the city in the dark without any lights is a dangerously idiotic thing to do or are you cool with it?

    1. manolo

      Interesting how this statement is a recognition that the issue here is the danger that drivers pose to cyclists and pedestrian due to their their limited ability to see. But nobody is saying that drivers should slow down until they are no longer a threat to others.

      1. Parky Mark

        And drive everywhere at 12kph?

        Unfortunately a lot of cyclists don’t think they have a need to wear bright clothes, use lights, or cycle properly. They get no training at all.

        Drivers at least get training but many forget it along the way.

        1. manolo

          What about the pedestrians? Are they more visible? Less likely to walk in front of a car?

          Should speed not be questioned when it is a threat to your biped targets?

          FFS, if you can’t see well enough and your ability to control your cage to avoid running over somebody is compromised, then even 12 kph is too fast. You sound like you think that your fecking time is more important than the life of people who are not in cars!

          1. Parky Mark

            Funny thing is that a lot of what you learn for day time driving also applies to night time driving.

  1. David

    I use lights, multiple reflectors and a full hi-vis jacket when cycling.

    But sometimes, I think motorists choose to not see me cycling. That’s how it seems anyway. You know, turning left when I’m on their left, pulling into the traffic right in front of me, little things like that. Strange eh?

  2. Serv

    See has two red reflectors, one of which has a red light (bottom one). She also has white reflective bands on her tyres.

    It’s a Bear dutch bicycle if I’m not mistaken.

    Why doesn’t the black car have some reflective panelling?

    1. Disasata

      Worst argument ever. For starters the cars brain (or any part) isn’t made soft squishy living matter. Dzzzzzope.

      1. Serv

        Yeh, but cars kill a couple of hundred ppl a year. So usually the danger advertises itself, like amber flashing lights on a jcb.

        Maybe cars could use that voice from bus eireann luggage doors, instead of lights?

      2. Serv

        Black cars are 47 % more likely to be in an accident. So let’s start with them.

        “Warning: Black car operating, stand clear”

  3. Joe cool

    Bit like the chungwan that came flying off the footpath into my bonnet the other night. Not a light, a helmet and dressed in dark clothes. My fault appearantly. Thankfully 2 locals spotted it and bollokd her out of it before I did

    1. Snickers

      And was your car painted in hi-viz colours with reflective stripes? No? How was she expected to see it? And were you wearing a helmet? Broken skulls kill far more motorists than cyclists, as they hit the windscreen and smssshhhwatermelon. And did you have the radio on? How can you expect to hear the other traffic when you’re concentrating on listening to Documentary on One?

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