Recalling The Rising


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Ireland’s Rising.

Anne-Louise Foley writes:

“Ireland’s Rising is a new four-part documentary series, on RTÉ One, starting on Sunday at 8.30pm, in which well-known personalities travel back to their homesteads to discover what connection their chosen county has with the events of 1916. This Sunday, children in Wexford remember their 1916 ancestors, 100 years on.”



Rayna Connery writes:

“We’ll be screening the first promo for our new five-part 1916 drama Rebellion – starring Charlie Murphy, Brian Gleeson, Ruth Bradley, Michelle Fairley, Ian McElhinney, Barry Ward and Sarah Greene – tonight during the Late Late Toy Show and thought your readers might like a sneak peek on this rainy Friday afternoon. It will be screened in 2016.”

Ireland’s Rising (RTÉ)

13 thoughts on “Recalling The Rising

    1. JoeO

      This week children in Wexford remember their 1916 ancestors. Wtf happened in Wexford in 1916? Or anywhere else in boggerland for that matter? Sfa is the answer. Dublin rose and led the way.
      Same thing with all these commemoration events up and down the country – commemorating what?! All the funding is going to all these boggerland places and Dublin gets nothing even though it was Dublin that fought in ’16. And nowhere else.

      1. dav

        and 1 week later all the dubs came out onto the streets and jeered & stoned what remained of the rebels, shouting god save the king

        1. ProvingGround

          Just read that as…

          “and 1 week later all the dubs came out onto the streets, geared & stoned…”

        2. Mr. T.

          “jeered & stoned what remained of the rebels, shouting god save the king”

          Mostly the professional Protestants of the big houses and families of British army men. In fact many descendants of the Irishmen who served in the British army here are now the scumbags and skangers of inner city Dublin.

  1. Terry Crone

    I’m guessing no North-Eastern Counties are featured, which, considering the lives of Clarke, Connolly, et al. is epic ironic double-think.
    Carry on. God bless the cliffs of Monaghan.

  2. rugbylane

    So, as is increasingly the norm, the men (on both sides) dying by the dozen are merely the backdrop for the more important story of the “drama” of a “woman at war”. By the time we get around to the 150th Anniversary, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Panty Bliss reading out the Proclamation under teh clock at the GPO.

  3. Boba Fettucine

    I’m already heartily sick of 1916.

    And we have the War of Independence, Treaty, Civil War anniversaries to look forward to as well.

    I wish we could live in the now.

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      At least it will take everyone’s mind off it being the twentieth anniversary of Kula Shaker’s K album.

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