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  1. formerly known as @ireland.com

    I haven’t seen the news. is that world champion Irish, or a Brit?

    I am guessing that until he became useful, the British would refer to him as an “Irish traveller.

    1. Owen

      Ask him and you’ll get two different answers id say!

      Father from Tuam, maternal mother Tipp, other mother Belfast (?). He was born and raised Manchester. Was denied Olympic entry by Ireland, and lost out in England to Price. What confuses me is why he was denied access to the Irish Olympic team if both parents are Irish.

      In any event. Great to see a change in the heavyweight boxing status-quot. Love him or hate him, he has finally got the Kiltchkos out of the way. They ruined heavyweight boxing.

      Personally, I like the belts to have changed hands, but I don’t like Fury. A bigot of the highest order.

      1. ABM

        Fair play to the Sun. Can you just imagine the Oirish Toimes/Coirk Examiner feminists having to give over space to someone who is:
        a) a real man (i.e. not a tranny)
        b) proud of his traveller roots
        c) good at masculine pursuits (i.e. world heavyweight champion. Beat the sh*t out of Kiltschko)

        Can’t be having role models like that in New Ireland. That’s not allowed. Too much of a threat. Irish Times are more concerned with “high” baptism rates. That shouldn’t be allowed either. Who do they think they are?

      2. Marian

        If he was rejected by his home country, the New Ireland media are hardly going to give a mention to it? They’re more concerned with lesbian and transgender and the latest gynocratic updates. And Mass. The Irish media have a particular obsession with what Mass-goers get up. If you want a lower quality London Guardian with a strong Mass twist and high alcohol content (served up by a not so nice-looking, short-haired lesbian bar tender in her 50s with loud opinions), then an Irish Times is just what you need.

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