Hon The Banner



Yesterday morning.

Lahinch Beach ,County Clare.

Ray Foley writes:

A climate change event organised by local campaigner and Green Schools officer Roisin Ni Ghairbhith that took place in weather conditions that can only be described as cat. Still a few hundred showed up and the vibe down on the beach was brilliant. To top it all off every participant left with a native Irish tree #earthtoparis #cop21




Cliffs of Moher, Co Clare.

Gavin Nugent of The Green Party writes:

A climate gathering took place in Co. Clare yesterday. The organiser, Roisin Garvey, a member of the Clare Green Party, also had a hand in organising the stunning image above, along with local environmentalists and surfers. Keep It In The Ground is the international anti-fossil fuel slogan.

Pic: Kev L Smith

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28 thoughts on “Hon The Banner

  1. Eric Cartman

    To all the climate hippys who were out yesterday, your dumb protest blocked up traffic, causing me and others to burn more fossil fuels and do more damage because of your lark. So [REDACTED] is going to get more of my cash as I probably burned about a 10er of petrol just sitting on the quays yesterday, #V8DriverProblems #4Litre4Life

    1. Dόn Pídgéόní

      That will show our children’s children when they all burn to death in a massive heatwave/drown in the ever-encroaching sea/freeze to iceblocks in the frozen tundra. That will show them hippies reallllll gooooodddd…

    2. Bobby

      People who care about the environment and it’s inhabitants are hippies, and the idea that domination and abuse of women in society ‘is nothing more than feminist twaddle’.

      What kind of gaff did you grow up in?

  2. Anne

    “Keep It In The Ground is the international anti-fossil fuel slogan.”

    I could understand if that was about fracking maybe, but anti-fossil fuels?

    huh? How did they all get to the Cliffs of Moher? Horse n cart?

    1. Neilo

      You’ve pretty much nailed it there, Anne. See also film stars with green ribbons ’cause they love Mother Earth so much yet who water their lawns in desert conditions while flying everywhere by private jet. Do as we say etc.

    2. Bonzor

      Anne, should everyone who cares about climate sit at home with the lights off? No, because that’s not where modern climate activism is at. The conversation has moved past plastic bags, it’s about making the big, macroeconomic changes like electrification of the transport network with renewable energy, or making the extraction of fossil fuels politically, economically and morally untenable. Big changes are needed to make big things happen, so get off your high horse moaning about a few people (probably car-sharing) heading down to Clare and maybe do something about it yourself.

    3. Bobby

      What contribution do you make Anne, towards building alternative institutions that won’t ruin the environment. Or is just the odd internet comment?

  3. Sido

    Never trust people who cook the books and tell you its for the planet. That’s more hypocritical, than most bankers and politicians have the neck for.

  4. The People's Hero

    The neoprene for their wetsuits and GoreTex for the ‘urban warrioring’ that these types seem so fond of does not dig itself out of the ground all by itself…. Hypocrites to be sure….

  5. Mr. T.

    Amazing. Now climate change protesters are being vilified. The main stream capitalist cheerleading media really has done a job on the general population.

    Hipsters never get involved in protest I’ve noticed. All they do is consume.

  6. Gers

    And that banner is made of what? Morons. What about your boots, socks, pants, nail varnish, earings … really guys? Morons.

    1. Dόn Pídgéόní

      Morons are very hard to stick together to make a banner so you have to give them credit there at least

  7. ray

    Anne and fellow flat earth committee members
    Its one thing to be ignorant of an issue,its another to be belligerently critical of others actions,actions which you demonstrate an overwhelming lack of understanding of.You sneer at the idea leaving fossils fuels in the ground.Even before Paris the international community has already started shifting away from the dirtier fossil fuels.shell just pulled out of the arctic,Beijing will shut its last coal plant in 2017,even in Ireland we have committed to stop burning peat for power by 2030.While your busy crafting cynical quips change is already happening….
    The reality is protests like this just make up a one plank of a suite of actions which people who care about the environment hope will bring about change.Call them naive and yes at some levels hypocritical but I will tell ye this-the woman who organised this works five days a week in schools educating kids about the environment.The people who helped her out on the day run a community farm.They recently bough a 17 acre site that they will open to the public and for growing veg and tree planting.They are the change they want to see in the world and even if it all amounts to nothing id take their stance over yours every day of the week.

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