Do You Miss Ireland?


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Not even a little bit?

Go on.

You do.

You LOVE us. Everyone loves us.

Karen Moran writes:

“A new RTÉ 1 documentary series is looking for enthusiastic contributors with a story to tell…”

“#MissingYou will be comprised of video phone-calls from Irish emigrants to their loved ones at home.”

“We are looking for people, young and old, who have left these shores, recently or not so recently – for love, for life, to follow a dream. We want to follow people embarking on new chapters, or bringing old ones to a close. Those who are getting married, becoming a parent, coming out, or just becoming the person they’ve always wanted to be. They all have two things in common: an interesting story to tell and they are geographically separated from those who they would normally turn to for help, guidance, praise or a much needed kick up the arse…”

“#MissingYou is looking for honest, genuine people who are willing to share a slice of their lives with us. If this sounds like you or someone you know and love please contact us at”

“To give you a flavor of what we’re trying to achieve, watch the video above”

Thanks Karen

17 thoughts on “Do You Miss Ireland?

  1. ahjayzis

    What a load of old shysh.

    It’s Skype, we all have it, we all use it if we want to in the first place, to talk to home, along with whatsapp, facebook, facetime, etc. – this isn’t going to be a teary reunion show around the magic of video calling, it’ll be “Heya mam, any news since yesterday?”

        1. FK

          Please point them out to me. This kind of nonsense is nosey neighbor television rather than a documentary.

      1. coco

        But did you not see how tough it is for them? Forced out and now smoking is expensive! What kind of hellhole doesn’t sell Ribena. It’s no kind of life for the poor divils.

    1. rotide

      People said the same thing about a tv programme about people watching TV. “sure wheres the entertainment in that, just a load of zombies watching the telly”

      Gogglebox was a revelation.

  2. Brian Shaler

    I thought I paid you to create the content?

    I paid O’Briens for a sandwich,they asked me to supply the filling too.

    RTE dross.

    1. Brian Shaler

      All individual opinions as far as I can tell Clappers.You could dispute them each with some proof that RTE aren’t really poor value for money rather than losing the head,wha!?.

  3. eilish1959

    Seems to be a lot of negativity here about this documentary. Yes it is about the little ordinary happening s in peoples life’s but more importantly its about the big picture.One of the 2 in the conversation will have left their country of birth. Now how fortunate are we Irish who can cross borders and time zones with no restrictions placed on us, unlike the migrants trying to enter Europe at the moment
    Next week 2 of my daughters will make the trip from Perth to here for another of my daughters wedding. My niece arrived from Sydney yesterday. My son and his Taiwanese wife are expecting their first baby so they won’t be making the journey. Skype will be used to help them participate in the ceremony. My friends son and his Australian partner and their young son have moved home on Monday.
    A 30 year old woman the daughter of neighbours came home from Perth on Sunday. All her family were here to greet her. Fionnula was buried yesterday. So never say the little day to day greetings are not important that they are not worthy of of viewing. All those famous Irish bye bye byes and quick luv yous are the heart and soul of keeping the bond of love alive.

    1. Anomanomanom

      So you pick all the things that effect or happen to most of the population. And over priced pints is a rich persons problem. I go to a lovely pub and a pint is €3:80-€4:45

  4. is in the air

    I didn’t miss Ireland. I’m originally from the Liberties in Dublin, I met a Dutch woman and lived in a small town in Zuid-Holland for years. And in the Generation Emigration section of the interwebz:
    I fell for the Lithuanian, and then for his country
    … He was tall and tanned, muscles bursting from a snug white T-shirt. He’d been in the army, had lived in Portugal and had travelled extensively with his own business. He was only in Ireland for a brief stint, so I pounced.

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