“What’s In It For Me?”



Your local representative.

On the take.

Laura Fitzgerald writes:

The programme will reveal the extent and nature of breaches [of ethics legislation] across the political system. As a result of RTÉ’s investigation, a number of politicians at both council and Oireachtas level have already corrected the record. The programme also focuses on particular cases where evidence of direct conflicts of interest has been found.

Given the scale and, in some in some cases, the severity of non-declarations, the investigation narrowed to concentrate on a select number of councillors. An RTÉ undercover investigative reporter contacted these people. The programme will broadcast footage from these meetings and will reveal requests for personal rewards to carry out work as a public representative….

RTÉ Investigates – Standards in Public Office, Monday December 7 at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.

24 thoughts on ““What’s In It For Me?”

  1. Ultan

    Fair play to RTÉ investigates. There might be a few less Gombeens standing in the GE after this, or more Lowry’s topping the poll…

    1. Ultan

      Well it says Oireachtas level, which is either TDs or Senators. We’ll have to wait till Monday to find out who they are.

  2. Art Vandelay

    I tell you what I’m astonished and gobsmacked by… that guy wearing a two-tone denim shirt with a jacket and tie.

  3. Lordblessusandsaveus

    There’ll be high court injunctions to stop this airing. That’s why RTE are tipping them off in advance so the usual set can cover their tracks and shout defamation!

  4. Sherriff Frilly Keane

    I’ve just got one question
    In two parts

    Will we be skittin in a D’unbelivables sorta way


    Reaching for the pitchforks in a Phil Hogan Irish Gravy sorta way

  5. Mourinho

    “the investigation narrowed to concentrate on a select number of councillors.”

    Councillors who quit the governing party perhaps?
    Those at the top are still safe.

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