4 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

  1. John

    In fairness, the “new entrants” paying the levy are being shafted because:
    i) pre-95 is where the real golden handshake action is at
    ii) “new entrants” are subsidising pre-95ers, yet they’ll never see anywhere near the benefit
    iii) there aren’t enough “newer entrant” mugs for the demographic diamond in Ireland (i.e. the Pope’s children)

    Add on USC and the penal taxation rates/bands and the rationale is pretty convincing. And I haven’t even mentioned the cost of living in Dublin. Try living in Dublin on a €50k public sector wage – a very modest lifestyle indeed with a very high probability of not being able to achieve financial independence. Who will pay the rent when these people hit 40/50 and are ineligible for a mortgage?

    Howlin and the gang will be grand. Public sector workers, unlike politicians, have to retire at 65. Politicians just keep on passin’ Go for as long as they can get away with it.

  2. Peter Dempsey

    The “sex fiend” photographed on The Sunday Life looks exactly how you’d expect. Nice to see somebody living up to the stereotype. There was a window cleaner in Dun Laoghaire in the 90s who looked exactly like him and he too was convicted of similar crimes.

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