Desmond Too-Too


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Steady on.

Over the top lads jumping into the sea during Storm Desmond reportage on tonight’s RTÉ Six One News from Salthill, Galway.

And the inevitable auto-tuned remix…


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35 thoughts on “Desmond Too-Too

  1. Atticus

    And they wheeled her back out into the rain for the 9 o’clock news too.

    Over dramatics aside, you should post the video of the idiots she was referring to in her first report. Fools are lucky to be alive. A guy called Cathal Devlin posted the video on his FB page

  2. Laughter Tack.

    She was hysterical. It came across as a person not in their right mind. Unprofessional. Leave that utter gutter storm watching to American news outlets.

    It’s Galway, not tornado alley ffs.

  3. Truth in the News

    Who was Teresa Mannion trying to impress, indeed who were the idiots in
    Montrose who organised all this and sent an ENG crew out to do it….there
    was a lot better footage with the two lads in diving in Salthill.
    I also notice that RTE did not do much coverage of the recent referendun in
    Denmark, where Germany and Brussells got another kick in the posterior.

    1. Twunt

      Everything in the EU is fine. The migrants are not knocking lumps out of one another in the asylum centers. We need more EU

      Now go back to watching strictly or that stupid singing thing.

      1. eoin hurley

        Syria, Famine, Aids, Bank Guarantee Scheme, Water Charges. Mention loads of unrelated things quick.

  4. veritas

    Either the sponge over her mic was incredibly effective at stopping wind noise or she was hamming it up in front of a green screen while someone threw water at her.These outside broadcasts have become an embarrassment a waste of money they add nothing to the story.

    1. Anne

      Ah they’re well worth the money.. for the skit factor alone.

      More outside Broadcasts please.. I can only get an idea what it’s like when one of the RTE reporters are getting drownded.

    2. B Bop

      Was superb when they switched from said Histrionic OTT Manion to reporter outside in Dublin-quiet, calm & in control.
      Every single time I watch RTE news there’s either/or technical issues, parochial news reports, Sharon calling Bryan “Dobbo”,Sharon going AWOL&over excited in live outside broadcasts, Quasimodo aul one reading 9 news for last 40 years.
      Still “Sure Where would you get it” in fairness.
      This will join the Aonghus Mac Griana makeup episode & Guy falling on ice classic moments.

    1. bisted

      …sorry’ll be Eva if it comes along. Wet Eireann invited suggestions for names on twitter.

        1. rotide

          I can’t believe Boo-Boos is the word they come up with too replace the word that sounds like Bullocks.

          1. Zarathustra

            rotide; I think boo-boos suits you, and I’d also like to say to Del that I like the way he usually includes references in his comments; in fact, I think both aspects add credence to both of your opinions ;)

        2. Deluded

          Fie on’t! Ah fie!
          ‘Tis an unweeded garden that grows to seed;
          Things rank and gross in nature possess it merely.

    2. Deluded

      In January of this year named a storm “Rachel” apparently at the suggestion of commenters and that name was adopted by the weather services.
      There have been suggestions over the years to adopt a common naming policy to track storms from country to country (for example: 1999 storm “Anatol” in Germany, was known as the “Decemberorkan” or “Adam” in Denmark and as “Carola” in Sweden.- Wikipedia –European Windstorms)
      This season we have an agreed list for Britain and Ireland:

  5. shitferbrains

    Poor Theresa. I remember her melt down while reading the news year ago. ” Ah Jaysus where is it …”

  6. Wolfe tone

    It’s a wonder ISIS didn’t claim responsibility for hurricane Desmond, after all they seem to claim everything at the minute. Prince big ears could even add credence to their claims as he stated during the week that climate change is linked to ISIS/terrorism.

  7. Charger Salmons

    Nah,it was just Teresa’s time of the month.
    Whenever some bird gets all shrieky and hysterical like that you just know the decorators are at home,

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