20 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

  1. Charles

    How does George Clooney do it? A second rate actor who pretends to support third world countries whilst on the payroll of one of the most reprehensible companies in the world. He should be the poster boy of first world greed.

      1. linbinius

        Sudan got too complicated for him. He got there first though!

        Well maybe Penn did. That dude has 4 or 5 atlases though.

    1. Nice Anne (Dammit)

      He is hardworking, charming and very good looking. A lot of people are shallow, slow to remember and easily impressed by celeb endorsements.
      Therein lies the answer to your puzzle.

        1. Sherriff Frilly Keane

          Him too
          Have an even bigger crush on GB actually
          Especially when he does his Tom Riordan accent

          I wouldn’t to pushed about the height tbf
          Its not like I’m going to take these lads out are an’ting

          1. Lilly

            I’ve met GB, lovely fellow but wouldn’t do it for me. As far as I recall he wears an earring and silver rings so as long as you’ve nothing against a bit of bling… oh and he’s married these days too :)

      1. Neilo

        Major bang of lifelong DL off ol’ Georgie though I agree he’s nearly always immaculately turned out (we’ll speak no more of his dad jeans/baggy white shirt combo from earlier this year)

  2. Malta

    Examiner forgetting that they’re actually a national paper with that Muslims at Cork airport story – not even a mention of other airports in the country.

  3. Owen

    Brilliant to see someone pushing the issue of Fury being a homophobe and a sports personality of the year nominee (yes, I know it BBC and not RTE). No matter what the sport, there is no place for bigotry, no matter how good you are at the sport.

    1. Charger Salmons

      Sports Personality of the Year is based on sporting achievement not a person’s opinions.
      I hope Tyson Fury goes on to win it as he’s a poster boy for all that’s good about Travellers and their culture.
      Just a shame he’s English and not Irish although if he wasn’t quite so outspoken I’m sure poor pissed Paddy would have claimed him by now – sure,aren’t they all from Ireland originally anyway ?

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