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      1. Prop Joe

        You’re a great laugh Dav, do you want to go for a pint? Seriously, I reckon I’d get hours of entertainment out of you.
        In a pure cringey way, like David Brent or starving refugees

        1. dav

          Sorry for pointing out your joy in seeing 2 citizens sleeping rough. I should have left you alone so you could giggle at others distress.
          I’m sure you’d be great fun, getting drunk and then p!ssing on the homeless as you stagger home You’d probably burn a few fivers in front of them for an added thrill! It doesn’t matter as they are sub-human in your worldview.

        2. Punches Pilot

          To be fair Prop Joe you probably wouldn’t turn up anyway. You’d be far too busy with a web pages open in front just waiting to be the man

          1. Prop Joe

            Was this structured more eloquently or in a more comprehensible fashion in your minds eyes and ears before your fingers epilepsied it onto your keyboard destroying the validity of whatever point it was you were trying to make?

  1. DubLoony

    BS, can we stop with the picture of homeless people please?
    I’m old school, kickin’ a fella when he’s down was never ok.
    Laughing at someones misfortune on the internet is the same thing.

    1. Fergus the magic postman

      I don’t think anyone’s laughing. Maybe Joe above, but I don’t think humour is the point of the pics.

      1. Prop Joe

        I think you’ll find my “laughter” is more at the impotent outrage and transient faux empathy purveyed by the likes of the self appointed judge of other’s levels of pity and charity and action.

        1. Smith

          ooh, I use overly-complicated long sentences to sound clever. It’s like dialogue from Dawson’s Creek.

          1. Prop Joe

            You started a comment with “ooh”, even if mocking that makes you about as cognisant of language as a tree.

        2. Nigel

          You’ve got to get your impotent faux laughter out there so everyone knows what you think of other people’s pity and empathy.

        3. MoyestWithExcitement

          “I think you’ll find my “laughter” is more at the impotent outrage and transient faux empathy purveyed by the likes of the *self appointed judge*”

          ‘Self appointed judge.’ It’s like ray-ee-ayyyyyyn on your wedding day…..

    2. dav

      The picture wasn’t put up here for people to make fun off, it was put up here to show how far we have come as a society since Dickensian times, namely not very far at all.
      It’s also interesting to see the reaction of some here to such a sight, they don’t seem too concerned to kicking those that are worse off.

      1. Prop Joe

        Here, Dav, when you’re down there giving them your money and coat and a key to your gaff will you pop into Centra for a hot chicken roll for me please?
        Can’t leave the office today for a bit.
        Sound as drawstring bag of gold coins you’ll have tossed to you for your efforts my good man.

      2. Paps

        From what people say there are beds are available, trouble is you can’t drink or take drugs.
        Offered up many beds or couches to the homeless recently dav?

        1. ahjayzis

          That’s the opposite of the case – the hostels are riddled with drink and drugs and crime, people are scared to use them and take their chances on the streets.

        2. dav

          Oh I see you’ve moved on from laughing at them to attacking me with the “why don’t you do something” argument. We know that you will not do anything besides laughing. And we see that you don’t appreciated being pulled up about it either…

          1. Prop Joe

            I’ve never professed to do anything Dav, and I haven’t had a pop at the general population for their apathy.
            I may be accused of a lot of flaws but hypocrisy isn’t one of them.

          2. ahjayzis

            To be fair, dav, you are INCREDIBLY sanctimonious in pretty much everything you say.

            I reckon people enjoy winding you up because no one has time for the tone you take, even when they’re on your side.

          3. Vote Rep #1

            Dav, you repeatedly come across as the most humourless, sanctimonious and most easily offended person on here, which is pretty bloody impressive.

      3. ahjayzis

        Sewerage systems, healthcare, the welfare state, child labour laws, clean air laws and the abolition of debtors prison and workhouses aside, like.

    3. Mikeyfex

      There was a comment very similar to this the last time BS had a tweet and similar picture from that twitter account. Maybe sarcasm isn’t the best way to get their point across.

  2. bumb

    Is it very trendy to dehumanise the homeless further these days by taking pictures of them as you please? Of course it’s a plight that needs to be highlighted,but there are other means. It’s an everyday occurrence now; budding photographers with expensive cameras getting their stark shots and walking away. BTW I’m not assuming this is what John Lawrence has done, I’m sure he had permission and offered help etc. but all too many are at it.

    1. ahjayzis

      They’re not identifiable, no one’s been humiliated. Except maybe society.

      If pictures of the elderly sleeping on floors and chairs in A&E with faces blurred highlights a disgrace, this does too.

      1. bumb

        It doesn’t matter whether they’re identified or not- do you like people taking pictures of you without your consent? I’m not disagreeing with you in that it highlights a disgrace, but again at the cost of the person involved.

        1. ahjayzis

          What cost?

          You need to quantify the cost versus the benefit of highlighting an outrage here if you’re arguing for a blanket ban on depictions of homeless people.

          How does that ban contribute or detract from the objective of highlighting the issue if there’s a media blackout?

          1. bumb

            I didn’t say anything about a ban. I mentioned consent. It’s simple really, it’s a common courtesy to ask someone before you take a photo of them and plaster it on social media to show the world how much you care. I also wasn’t saying that these images in the right context are not helpful.

          2. ahjayzis

            That is complete and total rubbish. They literally could not be more anonymised. There could be no people in this picture for all we know – this is a picture of two sleeping bags, occupants unknown – there’s only an implication that there are human beings in the picture. Google Streetview grants less anonymity to the people it snaps.

        2. ahjayzis

          If I was homeless or into my second day sleeping on a hospital floor I’d be *screaming* for journalists / ANYONE to get the word out, I think. Joe Duffy would have to take out a restraining order.

          1. ahjayzis

            Everyone knows there’s flooding too, yet every news bulletin will show someone’s house destroyed. Should we blackout that as well, to spare the feelings of the occupant?

            What about the aftermath of bombs going off, is that an affront to dignity? Or is the bomb going off in the first place the affront to dignity?

            I can’t believe a first reaction to this picture could be ‘ooooh, respect that person’s privacy’ – that person *has* no privacy because of the situation the photographer is highlighting. That person is unidentifiable, completely and utterly. There is no victimisation or objectification here.

          2. Prop Joe

            Hahaha sorry, I didn’t read this whole argument just the “objectification” line at the end.

            Stupid sexy homeless.

  3. Smith

    @Prop Joe

    Dawson: “Was this structured more eloquently or in a more comprehensible fashion in your minds eyes and ears before your fingers epilepsied it onto your keyboard destroying the validity of whatever point it was you were trying to make?”

    Joey: “It’s over Dawson. Pacey has a bigger wang. I’m also pretty sure that ‘epilepsied’ is not a real word.


    1. Prop Joe

      We got the point of your first comment, it wasn’t funny then and it isn’t funny now.

      Just take the F, accept your failure and go back to doing whatever mundane job you do well.

        1. Prop Joe

          I’m not though, it takes an awful lot to annoy me fortunately.
          I’m one of those people who can get on with it no matter what has happened.
          I hope you find this reassuring

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