Seamus Ruttledge – War Machine

Mike Casey writes:

A possible follow up to your Mick Wallace post earlier? ‘War Machine’ from Tuam, Co Galway-based Seamus Ruttledge is released today. It captures the current mood of a world weary from the images of war, from the rumours of war, from the conversation about war, from the terrible acts of war…

‘War Machine’ is produced by Willow Sea from the Galway Band ‘Grounds for Invasion’ and  features backing vocals by Tracy Friel and extracts from the farewell address of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Seamus Ruttledge

10 thoughts on “Just Dropped

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      LOL. I’ve never seen anyone make fun of anti war folks by making them out to be stoned students with repeated use of the word ‘man.’ Comedy gold. And so original. You should make up your own webpage to house all these hilarious observations. You’ll be rich!

      1. human

        No way maaaaan I dont want to be rich maaaaan, being rich is like being part of the war machine or something, old footage is like really cooool cause its FREE and requires no creativity maaaaaaan

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