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This morning/afternoon.

Athlone, Co Westmeath

Eamonn writes:

The Shannon River did not reach its peak (top)during the night, and hundreds of homes survived being flooded as community, emergency services, Irish Red Cross and local council teams worked through the night to keep the rising waters at bay. However the river did burst its banks at The Strand (above), turning parts of the town into a Little Venice lookalike.

Thousands of litres of raw sewage pour onto the streets of Athlone as locals battle filthy flood waters (Independent.ie)

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12 thoughts on “Spirit Level

  1. Bill

    They’ll spend millions on a flood defence wall in Clontarf where only a small section ever floods and not this badly but they’ll completely ignore areas like this which are actually prone to flooding.

    1. ReproBertie

      Well according to the Athlone Advertiser back in 2010 “The Strand (€177,000 ), The Quays (€175,000 ) and Brick Island (€120,000 ) will all see the erection of defences under the OPW’s non-coastal flood defence plan. The town will also benefit with the allocation of €289,000 of emergency pumps.”

      That’s a strange way to “completely ignore areas” prone to flooding.

  2. Pip

    I heard some expert differentiate between bursting the banks and ‘over-topping’, i.e. just rising higher than whatever normally holds it back.

  3. FreshFish

    I’m not sure why purpose these posts serve

    Athlone is in a flood plain

    If a load of dumbasses want to build a town there why should I be concerned? I say let them at it

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