Martyrs In The Making



This afternoon.

The Crimonal  Courts of Justice, Parkgate Street, Dublin.

Anti-Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy and two AAA councillors have been sent forward for trial by a jury at the Circuit Criminal Court, accused of false imprisonment of Tánaiste Joan Burton during a protest against water charges in Jobstown in Tallaght just over a year ago.

State solicitor Rachel Joyce said the DPP directed “trial on indictment” meaning the case will go before a judge and jury in the circuit court which can impose lengthier sentences.

Solicitor Michael Finucane, applying for legal aid, told the court that one of his clients who is charged with false imprisonment could “get life potentially”.

..they will face their next hearing on January 22.

Paul Murphy, councillors sent forward for jury trial (RTÉ)

Pics via Dave Murphy and  Dave Gorman

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35 thoughts on “Martyrs In The Making

    1. Dόn Pídgéόní

      It’s like in Asia where they have a street where you go to by shoes and another for buying hats. Jobstown is where you go to annoy the Jobs MInister. Or Steve Jobs.

    2. ollie

      Jobstown was the townland name, it’s not the residents fault that successive governments decided to build slums.

  1. scottser

    what a farce. they’ll get sentenced like wallace and daly and be out in an hour. the biggest loser here is that young lad, getting tarred with the DPPs unusually large brush.

  2. ollie

    This is a really spurious charge and I suspect it will not be proven.
    Interesting that they’ve been sent to the circuit whereas 4 Rathfarnham youths charged with gang rape of a 15 year old girl will be brought to the district court for summary disposal of the charges.
    Tallaght Vs Rathfarnham, impartial judges?

  3. Randy Ewing

    Cant wait till Joan is called for evidence !

    Ms Burton, why did you get into a car that was already surrounded by protestors ? Didn’t you really imprison yourself ?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      I’m looking forward to hearing the testimony of every single Garda there. As a tax payer, I’d be interested to know why they didn’t call for back up to rescue Ms Burton from her alleged “false imprisonment”. Why they, as upholders of the law, allowed the alleged “false imprisonment” to continue for a couple of hours as they just stood around and watched and made no rescue attempt.

      1. Kieran NYC

        What were they supposed to do? Crack heads and turf people out of it?

        You’d be moaning about that too.

  4. DubLoony

    Does no-one have a problem with a TD, an elected member of the Dáil, with a loudhailer, asking a crowd to decide to let her go, her being the Tainiste of the country, also an elected TD?

    If they want to duke it out, to it in the Dáil.

    1. scottser

      the same elected member of the dail that refuses to answer questions and just berates her fellow TDs?

        1. ahjayzis

          That’s a fiction.

          Parliamentary questions are completely and totally useless. It took FOI for Catherine Murphy, not an idiot when it comes the asking of questions, to get any useful information. The government stonewalled her at every opportunity. We don’t have a parliament worthy of the name when the Finance Minister says he ‘answered’ parliamentary questions ‘in the way parliamentary questions are answered’.

          1. Neilo

            Nor a government worthy of the name: a ‘Fantastic’ Four keeping the rest of the cabinet in a strangehold.

  5. Bingo

    No matter what happens here, Joe Public pays for it.
    Maybe they could set up another company (at Joe Publics expense obviously…) to bill us for it?

    We are the biggest investors in a pyramid scheme that forced on us!!!!
    Ok, that’s a bit much…

  6. Truth in the News

    Organise to get them out and keep them out before they do any more damage
    and take their huge pensions off them, all they should get like the rest of us
    is the OAP or the Contributory Pension at 66 or 65 respectively or indeed the Dole. We chased one crowd out of Office, who were replaced by another Gang who implemented the self same austerity with a vengence that the other crowd got decimated for.

    1. cluster

      Do you really think that it was ‘austerity … that the other crowd got decimated for’, rather than incompetence and greed.

      I think it was the opposite.

      I think they were being punished for the years they had spent years buying our votes with our money – whioch we didn’t have.

  7. Bobby

    It’s pretty much a tactic used by many over the last few decades, even by farmers in Ireland. It’s called direct action, and there’s a multitude of activities that could be encapsulated by the phrase, legal and illegal. Things such as blocking the vice-premier of a state from leaving a venue in opposition to the a government policy – which was in fairness, a little less shorter than a lot of working class Dubliner’s would spend in their cars commuting. Considering that all legal/formal avenues had been clearly exhausted in airing complete opposition, people went beyond a demonstration and took direct action, such as blocking* the Irish Water workers from moving freely, even after it became explicitly illegal to do so. I enjoyed that.

    The students did it a few years back, and the Greyhound workers and supporters, and after nearly a decade, those gangster farmers and environmentalists must have blocked* members of the Gardai, IRMS, and a whole host of other state agents and private contractors, for countless hours!

    Anyway this case is complete and utter nonsense, or a deadly threat to protest, whatever…


  8. panga

    Elizabeth Howlin niece of Labour TD Brendan Howlin is Head of Direct Directing Division in the Department of Public Prosecution which took the decision to prosecute Paul Murphy.
    Political Policing????

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