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  1. Gaoithe

    There are two kinds of solar panels.

    1) Thermal: these have vacuum tubes with liquid, and are used to heat water. Work very well in cool countries like Ireland; if you take the train to Galway you’ll notice increasing numbers of panels on rooves as you pass through the midlands.

    2) Photovoltaic: these are used to generate electricity. Not much used in Ireland yet, but huge in Germany.

        1. Glat1

          Indeed meadowlark. there is only enough fuel left for about 5 billion years, less if we are wasteful. I believe the Chinese have a plan to convert the Sun to run on coal and charge us for the privilage (I heard this from Donald Trump) which may extend it’s working life. Also, the Sun will become unstable as the fuel runs out and may explode, damaging parts of Tallaght. You are absolutely right to point out the dangers of relying on solar energy.

          1. meadowlark

            The Trumpet knows the truth. His views on the Chinese are entirely accurate and not mad or racist. I’ll shoot the next person who says so.

  2. Disasta

    Solar is pointless here, even the panels that heat just heat the water are not great.

    Our hope is geothermal, go down 150m and you’ll be hitting 25 degrees in much of Dublin I hear.
    Imagine a bore hole in every back garden, many of them under car parks and roads etc.
    Endless energy.

    Until the earth cools and the Mole People come up to get us for stealing their warmth.

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