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  1. Anne

    “O’Riordan, who has since been diagnosed as suffering bipolar disorder, admitted four offences…
    The court heard O’Riordan who medics have suggested was suffering hypo-mania, sleep deprivation and paranoia at the time of the incident, threatened to sue arresting officers”

    That must be some come down, ending up arrested, trying to flee from the cops and head butting a garda.

    If only she had the internets to stay up for days on end on and vent, like most bi polar folks around here do, all that could have been avoided.

    1. Custo

      I’ve read 2 reports note, and neither said that she apologized for accusing the Gardai of sexual harassment or the headbutting. One days that she’s been ‘forced’ to apologize by the judge.

      Sounds like a total wagon, bipolar disorder or not.

      1. jojo

        The papers shouldn’t really be allowed to report on the details of Dolores case. Yes, it makes for great headlines but makes her out to be a total ladypart.
        Which is what I would have thought of her reading those headlines but unfortunately the last couple of years 2 people in my family have been diagnosed as bi-polar, one quite seriously. I’ve seen said person in the middle of a full blown hypo-manic episode and its quite frightening, seriously the person is quite literally out of their mind.

  2. The Magic Finger

    Holy Dolores!
    ‘queen of Limerick’?

    There’s 2 things wrong with that.
    For a start, ‘Queen’ needs a capital Q…

  3. Kieran NYC

    Oh look.

    “State Coffers In Balance For First Time In Decade”

    – Last we’ll ever see about that on BS. Good news does not belong here, Comrade!

    1. rory

      Hi BS, about said article in the examiner,
      I’d be interested to see what people make of it. Maybe you could do a separate post on it?

      1. SweetPeteato

        It’s the “how” I’m interested in. I’d be interested to see a table of expenditure for the last 10 years and see where they have cut in black and white. Balancing the books is a hollow victory if low hanging fruit is chopped and the ladies & gents in government still have their snouts in the gravy trough. Has their been a marked improvement in efficiency in the public sector and government procurement? The headline means nothing on its own

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