Throw Your Arms Around The World At Christmas Time



This morning.

Kings Building, Mary’s Lane, Dublin 7

Taoiseach Enda Kenny (with IDA chief executive Martin Shanahan, top) grapples with the globe at a gathering organised tby the American Irish Chamber of Commerce of over 100 representatives from US multinationals in Ireland at the cloud company Workday HQ.

(Sam Boal/Rollingnews)

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13 thoughts on “Throw Your Arms Around The World At Christmas Time

  1. mike

    In fairness to Enda he must sometimes wonder to himself if it is right that people ask the Taoiseach to appear in some ridiculous photos in the name of promotions.

    I have no idea who the target audience of this photo op is, but it is hardly entertaining the American business executives and no potential IDA customer in America will get to see it unless Enda were to fall off the roof and the whole thing goes viral!

    1. george

      If only it were possible for the Taoiseach to say “No, I’m not posing with that novelty prop that will make me look thick”.

  2. Frank

    Did he drop the “world” in (un-seen) photo number 4 ?!?
    It sure looks like he was going to, from the look on his face !

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