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Martco writes:

I’ve recently been experiencing difficulties accessing a decent supply of a exotic yet everyday item – proper maple syrup.
I have no doubt that a decent percentage of the readers here value a well-made stack of pancakes + crispy bacon + maple syrup and for those who haven’t yet had the pleasure I can happily supply a recipe, anyways the trouble is the maple stuff we get to taste here is the Harp Lager of what’s possible…..unfortunately it seems the EU aren’t the only ones setting standards to maintain the success of bullet-straight carrots, parsnips and the like…


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  1. BubbleSnots

    It’s far from “pancakes + crispy bacon + maple syrup” you were reared.

    Catch A Hoult To Yourself..

  2. Digs

    It’s not an everyday item. If you live in North America it is. Besides, you can get it in almost every single supermarket and given that its only ingredient is the syrup itself most of the products are exactly the same in taste, unless of course you see yourself as a connoisseur of maple syrup. You’re not, you think it’s an everyday item

  3. Mr. T.

    Why don’t you join the other pretentious tedious types who pretend they live in New York and head to Fallon and Byrne?

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Nothing. It’s just expensive, is all.
        Wonderful selection of foodstuffs.
        I’ve often bought a weird vegetable or an unusual spice and concocted an entire dinner around it.

  4. Avon Barksdale

    My heart goes out to this gentleman and anyone else afflicted by this drought. Got chatting to a homeless lad the other week who had expressed the exact same dismay at the lack of syrupy options in this country, has it really come to this? Shame on us

    1. Kolmo

      +1….it’s the inconsequential and tedious nonsense people feel the need to poo on about….maple syrup not meeting this guormand’s delicate palate?, oh call the Red Cross! bacon? – it is clearly a rasher, I bet this mid-atlanticite says tuna-fish when talking about tuna, as opposed to what? Tuna-spanners? Tuna-baggage handling equipment….ugh…..I’ll have a cup of tea

    2. joj

      No one is allowed anything until every homeless is homed, wait not just Ireland the world too. SJW united

    1. AlisonT

      If you look at how its produced you would wonder how it is so cheap. A single tree only produces about 1 to 2 liters of syrup per year. That is after all the energy used to evaporate 40 odd liters of SAP.

  5. Drogg

    Donnybrook Fair in Donnybrook has the real stuff but personally i prefer the Tates Maple syrup as its slightly thicker then the real stuff but equally as delicious.

  6. The Old Boy

    If you think you can come here with your yankee guff and throw around abuse about Harp Lager you’ve got another thing coming.

  7. graven

    Marks & Spencer imports some North American maple syrups – can’t recall the brands, but worth a look.

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