14 thoughts on “De Sunday Papers

  1. Bingo

    Daily Star…..England qualify for EVERY bloody football tournament.
    The expanded Euro format spreads the fun around.
    When Iceland are long gone home, England will still be in the tournament and their fans will be snapping up tickets of the latter stages.


  2. Rainy Day

    very misleading stat in headline too….no mention of stadia they are playing in and the respective capacities…also more importantly a country’s population has never been used to determine how many tickets they get allocated for these tournaments, it would be a crazy situation if they did in fairness.

  3. Charger Salmons

    I presume Slab Murphy will pay his €5million fine in cash and the Shinner gombeens will complain that it’s all the fault of ” de Brits.”
    Mary Louise is strangely quiet too.Once had great respect for the woman ( and her spectacular norks tbph ) but she’s become the IRA equivalent of a fag-hag.

    1. DubLoony

      The SF silence all round is creepy. Not one TD has stepped out of line. Slab was found guilty of tax evasion but during the search of his property they found cash, cheques, fuel laundering sludge and a torture chamber.
      And no-one says a dickie bird.
      That they all fall into line to that degree just confirms how out of whack their idea of democratic representation is.

  4. Zuppy International

    Fake Polls are Fake and only exist to condition the self-serving media manipulators to buy into the next rigged election.

  5. NilNocere

    Why oh why does the sindo have a picture of a young woman on the cover every week? It’s nauseating.

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