Evil FIFA overlords Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini have been banned from all football related activities for eight years.


FIFA Ethics Committee Statement via Rob Harris



A shook, unshaven, be-plastered Sepp Blatter this morning.

Blatter: ‘Sorry I am still somewhere a punching ball’ (BBC)

28 thoughts on “Result

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      Two words – Lionel Messi.

      Arguably the greatest ever and we’re lucky enough to be around to see him.

        1. Bertie Blenkinsop

          Em he’s far from being a cheating overpaid fairy was my point.

          If you don’t like Messi, you don’t like sport in my opinion.

          1. Frilly Keane

            I’ll let ya off wi’Messi
            And a few udders
            Tis Christmas like

            But Sawker is now so perverse and so over the top
            So self absorbed
            So unapologetic
            And then some

            Absurd doesn’t do it justice
            So Disasta’s remark is aimed right

            Like it or not

          2. Frilly Keane

            Don’t worry about me Mickie
            Worry about the state of yere clubs down on the grassroots


            There’s no balance in that sport
            At all
            At any level

            Look at the money John Delaney gets for heading an organisation where most of its member clubs don’t even have dressing rooms

          3. Mikeyfex

            Like Bertie, I was merely responding to the cheating, overpaid fairies bit. And the snobby bit that undoubtedly drew the ‘+11’ from Rubgyizcool above.

            I like it for the game Frilly, and that’s all I’m defending here.

          4. Anomanomanom

            I agree how good he is. You can’t tackle any of that barca team with them rolling 20 times or diving like they’ve been shot.

          5. Frilly Keane

            And yet
            Tis Aiden O’Mahoney that immediately springs ta’mind when ya talk of lads dropping like that

        2. Disasta

          “If you don’t like Messi, you don’t like sport in my opinion.”

          What a shocking opinion. To be fair.

          1. Bertie Blenkinsop

            “Sport played by cheating overpaid fairies and loved by knackers is run by scumbags.”
            Says the voice of reason there.

  1. Kdoc

    It’s not really a punishment at his age. He’s had a great life from the spoils and I’m sure he’ll be leaving a good few bob behind for his loved ones.

  2. 15 cents

    this is so dumb. there’s a restraining order on them from football. in liue of any real punishment, like jail.

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