32 thoughts on “Bankster’s Paradise

  1. Joni2015

    What struck me about this ad when returning was the obvious Irish potatoe face placed front and centre, almost with pride. It’s jarring coming from Northern Europe where I feel is more my league.

  2. Charger Salmons

    It was the hundreds of thousands of people who put greed before sense and borrowed far too much to get their snouts into the property bubble trough.
    We all partied baby but some of us left before the booze ran out.
    Wahaay !

    1. Sam

      How about we stick to the real world instead of the Bertie and Brian fairy tale?
      The country’s economy crashed while 99% of those people were still paying their mortgages.
      People been urged into buying over priced houses damaged the economy alright, but the crash was from the banks over extending their loans to already over extended developers, and then letting the taxpayer clean up the mess.

      Of course Bertie and Brian won’t mention that, because after all, who changed the regulations to suit their banker friends, thus allowing them to loan even more, putting their eggs into one basket, and also fuelling the property bubble.

    2. Chris

      These kind of analogies are just as insulting as the ‘Joe and Mary’ soap comments. As if working hard and purchasing a home to live in makes you some kind of snarling snout bearing greed infected animal. As if working hard and investing your earnings is something you should feel ashamed of. There were a handful of reckless developers and lenders who were allowed operate with impunity. For each of them there were thousands of normal people just trying to get on with things. Yes the benchmarks were all wrong but blaming people for simply engaging household ownership is callous and short sighted. This mantra of ‘we all partied’ suits those responsible as it shifts the blame to the plebiscite. It does nothing to help true understanding of our economics and only damages social cohesion and divides us further apart.

  3. george

    In most countries when you arrive they show you something that represents them as a country. Something cultural. We show who we have become by using it as an opportunity to sell ad space to a bank.

  4. Dave

    Yes. These ads struck a nauseating chord on my return home last week – first plastered throughout ‘Cara’ magazine, where the world’s smuggest / most boring looking execs line up to offer their world class (etc) service, then the billboard shown above – shudder. As an added banking bonus, while I was waiting for my luggage last Tuesday evening, who strolled past looking tanned and care-free but Sean Fitzpatrick! I gave him a dirty stare, something he seemed quite accustomed to….

  5. Joni2015

    KPMG have a stand for returning emigrants. I might approach them and see if they can match my 200k salary.

    1. Rich Uncle Skeleton

      When the calendar changes from 2015 to 2016 will you have to change your username from Joni2015 to GitGob?

        1. Chris

          Working for KPMG is somewhat akin to being a human battery inside a pod stacked with thousands of other human pods a la the Matrix. Is it really worth the money?

  6. Peter81

    At least they’re not folding their arms. Pictures of people proudly folding their arms really annoy me.

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      Well if we’re doing pet hates I hate when people dress their kids the same.

      Unless one is a boy and one is a girl obviously, then it’s funny.

  7. Chris

    I have trained myself to see a puckered anus in the place of each of their faces. I find that soothing.

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