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With two passes for a FREE tour of the White Hag brewery in Sligo on December 28 we asked: What was your favourite craft tipple of the year?

The votes are in.

Runner Up:

JDC ‘The best craft tipple I sank this year was a Bran & Sceolan Irish IPA at the White Hag Brewery. Well, it hasn’t happened yet, but it could.’

(JDC wins a bottle of The White Hag Black Boar Whiskey Barrel aged stout (pictured)


Fluffybiscuits: ‘The best craft tipple I had was Samuel Smiths Organic Apricot Ale in Widow Cullens Well in Lincoln,England. Basically I decided to travel to Lincoln for a night by myself, do the ghost tour then get well on in the pub, I ended up having a deep conversation about the troubles , Grimsby FC, St Pats and the merits of the Eurovision with a guy called John from Grimsby before some guy from Drogheda heard my accent and cringeworthily started talking Irish to me thinking it was cool…Great night though…’

(Fluffybiscuits wins two passes To The White Hag brewery’s open day)

Thanks all.

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Sean Monaghan, writes:

I’ve decided to write [link below] a round up of my seven favourite beers for newcomers to craft beer, to try this Christmas and into 2016.  I’m not a beer expert or certified cicerone (beer sommelier) nor am I pretending to be, that’s not the intention of this round up. It’s my personal opinion from an Irish male consumer of a certain vintage and this is what I like to drink and why. I have naturally thoroughly enjoyed researching this article. I also discovered I obviously like tasty, citrus flavored beers and fruity Belgian-style beers. I wonder is this a country wide trend??


My 7 Irish beers To Try This Christmas (Taste of Ireland)

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9 thoughts on “Craft Services

  1. Murtles

    I got absolutley flittered on their Irish Heather Ale once. Didn’t think I drank that many bottles so it was either the fresh air that hit me when I was going home or that packet of Bacon Fries I had.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Get drunk.
      Don’t be a ponce about it.

      Ammirite, Continuity Jay-Z ?
      -You KNOW I’m right.

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