54 thoughts on “All The Trimmings

  1. ahyeah

    Disappointing to see people dump their crap like that, but it would be nice if public services could anticipate and adjust to spikes in demand.

  2. Dd

    I love how ahyeah immediately blames public services. If people just fupping stored things for a few days, when they see bins are overflowing there’d be no issues.

    It’s just like the free u6 GP card has meant that noone bothers their swiss treating kiddies at home anymore and runs to the GP at the drop of a hat, meaning I can’t get an appointment.

    1. Mike

      if you read closely, ahyeah blames the public AND public services – hooray! more than enough blame to go around!

        1. Spaghetti Hoop


          You know I used to get lambasted for inferring to Cowen’s drink problem. I don’t know if it was because he was Taoiseach at the time or because alcoholism is a disease and you’re not supposed to slag off its sufferers. Either way, the man couldn’t control the pintz…..and that to me was a major failure for a political leader of a country that constantly tried to shake off its reputation for lovin’ de pintz.

  3. Starina

    well if I’ve carted bottles all the way over to the bottle bank and the feckin’ thing is full, I’d put it beside the bin too!!

  4. Murtles

    Love the top pic which has a green “Eco Bag” dumped there. Oh the irony. It’d be nice for those who empty these to put up a schedule of when they’ll be round so if people see them full at least they’ll know when to come back.

  5. phil

    They have security cameras and can read car reg’s, we got a fine in the post a few years ago for placing a few bottles neatly on the ground beside a full unit. We were littering apparently…

    1. Cup of tea anyone

      You seem to have mis-typed “apparently” into that post.
      we got a fine in the post a few years ago for placing a few bottles neatly on the ground beside a full unit. We were littering…

  6. No Name

    These facilities should be cited at all large vendors.

    Aldi and lidl in D14 have no bottle return facilities.

    Surely, a simple function of planning.

  7. jungleman

    Whoever is responsible for running the bottle banks is far more at fault than the people placing their bottles on the ground. I’d leave mine there if they were full.

    1. Abercorn

      Why leave full bottles there? Surely you drink then contents and then leave the empty ones there (in the banks not beside them)

    1. Gaoithe

      The image that would illustrate people who hate themselves and their country would be…?

      Incidentally, who *does* run the bottle banks, and who decides where they should be?

    2. jungleman

      You’d get the same image in any country where the council doesn’t do it’s job properly. Nothing to do with the irish.

      1. squiggleyjoop

        Yeah but…only in Ireland you know? Is this the most Irish thing ever? Top 10 things irish mammies say while turning the immersion on?

      2. Quint

        The drink, obviously.

        The lack of civic responsibility by just dumping the bottles for someone else to sort out.

        The lack of foresight from the council to not provide extra recycling areas at this time of year.

        All very Irish.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          That really is it; lack of civic responsibility.

          I do object to this attitude that everyone is ‘off’ for ‘de christmas’. Nonsence. I know many that prefer to work, take their hols another time, not participate in the festive meltdown, be healthily busy etc. The recycling bins should have had extra servicing at this time, and there are people who could have done it had they been asked and paid.

  8. linbinius

    FFS. People using this for the usual barbed comments about typical Irish/class . It happens every year. Just as certain roads get flooded because drains aren’t cleared of the leaves until after the fact…

    Yeah I left a box of bottles. I don’t care what you say. Just let me live my life!!!!

  9. Jake38

    Hardly a surprise. Does anyone think there are any services provided in this country between Christmas and New Year? Try calling HIQA, your local county council, the Garda Ombudsmans office, the Passport Office, etc etc and let us know how you get on.

    1. Cup of tea anyone

      These are probably the same people who on the first hot day of the year go to the beach and pile the rubbish beside the bin because it is already full,
      And then wonder why on a day where the bins use is increased 1000% that the council don’t have an army at hand to empty the bins every few hours.

  10. Liam Deliverance

    I don’t understand some peoples obsession with getting the bottles to the bank the very next morning. Its Christmas for feck sake. The bottle bin staff are on holidays too you know. Just leave them until 1st or 2nd week of the new year. What happens when all those paper bags get wet and Storm Frank starts throwing bottles across the road. Don’t people see that or is it they just couldn’t give a fiddlers. Fines for the lot of them I say.

    1. Tom

      “What happens when all those paper bags get wet and Storm Frank starts throwing bottles across the road.”

      Storm Gertrude will throw them back to the other side.

  11. Paul Davis

    Amazing my private bin company had minimal disruption this Christmas…

    Anyway, the bottles left beside the bin will be landfilled as the recycling company Rehab Glassco don’t pick up anything except the bin.

    DCC send a street cleaner to clear the area first as it’s deemed litter.

    How DCC could not organise an extended service at the busiest time of the year shows the incompetent of the public sector in all its glory.

  12. DarraghNoob

    We should tax bottles and cans and then have compressors in supermarkets and other shops where you can recycle the bottles and cans and receive a 100% refund on the tax.
    This is what happens in Germany and you don’t get people dumping rubbish on the streets

  13. J

    Zee Germans obey the rule of law and know the value of everything . Da Irish wouldn’t be bothered trudging down to their local shop to reclaim a few cents back on their tinnies.

    1. Stephen

      The success of the plastic bag tax would indicate you’re wrong – financial incentives/punishments will get most people to change their habits.

  14. b

    I live in an apt block. there is an outside bin store which is locked. you get a key if you or your landlord pays your service charge. so the people who dont have keys just leave the bags outside.

  15. Frilly Keane

    A complete lack of
    If you ask me

    Anyone who leaves their rubbish on the street like that doesn’t get to whinge about the behaviour of others, or their doggies, the state of our highways and byways, piers and parks, or object when halting sites are drafted into draft plans.

  16. (Desperate?) Dan

    This stuff really grinds my gears. I live in an an apartment block, pay a huge service charge and never fail to be disappointed by some neighbours fupping their rubbish into a full up, self-contained refuse area. Pigs.

  17. aoh

    Went to a bottle bank this evening with some green bottles. Green bottles piled around the corner where the green bins reside. However, the bin in the corner which is “slightly” more difficult to access was only half full. Put my bottles in the bin and left. A lot of this first-world problem is lazy g*ts.

  18. Bobby

    Anyone else blame consumerism? Like, if we’re going to try to hone in on what specifically causes this then that’s my guess.

    I love black and white vision.

    1. Cluster

      Have you ever been in the country?

      It’s all fly-tipping and one-off McMansion ugliness these days.

  19. Anne

    Lessons in how not to be a slob :
    If you ever have any fast food, KFC or the likes, when you’re done with your food, take your tray and empty the rubbish in the bins provided, that way the table is left clean for the next customer. I do this, it takes seconds.

    In the cinema I put my empty drink cartoon or any rubbish in the bins provided. You can also do this. It takes seconds.

    There are staff for all these things, but it’s called not being a slob.

    Yesterday at the gym I see chewing gum stuck to the treadmill I’m on. Rather than walk the two mins to the bin, some animal sticks it on the treadmill. Should we have a staff member walking around with their hands out for unwanted gum for you to spit it out? I don’t think so.

    Some people are just animals. If your bin was full at home would you keep dumping the rubbish all around it?

    Hide the evidence of your gluttony away somewhere at home if the bins are full and come back another day. It’s not that difficult. Don’t be a slob.

    1. catherine costelloe@hotmail.com

      Liked your comments! I remember in 70’s many homeless irish in london waiting for people to put their kfc boxes in bins and wait a few minutes to grab and eat what was left. Starving , homeless and sad.Have a good , safe New Year!

  20. Cloud9

    Err, am I missing something? Panda allow glass in their green recycling bins.. Why are they trekking to the bottle banks (apartment dwellers excepted..)?

    1. Anne

      Their recycling bins were already full up, what with packages from presents, so they didn’t just dump the bottles right by their own bins.

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