Decent Irish Rap



Rapthor x Alan Newman – Kamakazee

A new single from the forthcoming album ‘The Advocates by Rapthor & Alan Newman’ .

Video directed by Jonathan Lambert and starring Shaila Ward, Daniel Newman, Saoirse Doyle, Andy Duff, Ewerton Fraga, Simon ‘Siyo’ Young and Leanne Cooney.


Alan Newman

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9 thoughts on “Decent Irish Rap

  1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I approached it with caution when they spelt ‘kamikaze’ wrong, but I was able to listen all the way to the end.

    So it’s got that going for it.

  2. tombolapro

    This is a case of a big fishes in a small pond, Rapthors obvious talent is overshadowing 99% of Irish hiphop I have heard with the exception of messiah j and rira (both of which are highly inactive in the scene probably since the mid 2000’s), the sharp syllable use and punchy in your face lines make the tune unforgettable when you listen to it in depth. If i was to sum it up in one sentence.
    The dark prince of Irish hiphop has come to take his throne

  3. jay kershaw

    There’s no reason why this young talent can’t take Irish hip hop to the levels of acceptance as Mcgregor did for the Irish in MMA. He has the mindset and with the likes of Alan Newman and Collie Collins in his corner Irish hiphop has a good chance.

  4. Jay Kershaw

    He has the potential to take Irish hiphop to that level of acceptance his peers have tried to do. Like mcgregor with MMA. He has the talent, mindset and the right people in his corner people like Alan Newman and Collie Collins them two have made a platform that has a lot more for the future. Something has to give.

  5. jay

    Oops thought my first message failed. Second one better illustrated anyways if I do say so. myself :p

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