Join Our General Election 2016 Team



It’s the election they’re all talking about.

And Broadsheet will be there every step of the way.

Our crack GE16 team are looking for a psephal pseudologis sephic person who understands polling patters, proportional representation and, in particular, tactical voting. If you would  like to share your expertise with ‘sheet readers during the forthcoming campaign please contact marked ‘GE16’.

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22 thoughts on “Join Our General Election 2016 Team

  1. DubLoony

    Tactical voting =
    Those voting for independents will only vote for independents, no matter what independents actually stands for and will not transfer to any party.
    SF supporters only vote for SF and no-one else.
    Alphabet soup parties – all over the shop but will not support other parties.
    Those voting for the Government to be retained will vote cross party, and will hold their nose to vote FF to keep SF out.

    That’s about it.

  2. bisted

    …see labour are starting to believe their own press releases…classic bit of wishful thinking…dream on.

    1. PaddyM

      If you only put down three transfers, then once those three candidates are out of the count (eliminated/elected), your vote “dies” and is no longer part of the count.

      It may have the side effect of making it easier for those remaining candidates leading the count to get elected because there’s (very marginally) less chance of them being overtaken by other candidates.

  3. Zuppy International

    All elections are fixed so no matter who you vote for the bankster puppets always ‘win’.

    Once the ‘voter’ enters the polling booth they surrender their rights to the ‘promise’ of the gombeens.

    Don’t vote, it only encourages the thieves.

  4. Drebbin

    I can tell you that the current government will be returned with a clear, albeit reduced, majority. And that what passes for political debate here will be 49% puerile name-calling and 49% anti-everything gobscutter.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Ah now no need for scutter talk

      I said FF SF pact over a year ago
      An’ I was shat on for it
      Not so scuttery a notion now is it

      BTW. Broadsheet. I don’t trust yere independence, free from influence and bias credentials.

      So I’ll be doing my GE16 talk directly to the board.

      And on that.

      Two possible Governments

      My FF SF and a few Mattie’s. Maybe the 4 or 5 Labour returnees
      FG, SD and Renal

      And a complete change of landscape in the Posh Boy Independents, AntiAssAccociates, Wurkers, Save Our A&Eees etcs seats
      With the Former being potentially the host of a lot of new faces

  5. The Old Boy

    As I see it, proportional representation involves spending two days moving several million sheets of paper between tens of thousands of little bundles. The people employed to move these pieces of paper are not told why it is to be done, only that it must. Every paper-shuffling station has a Grand Vizier with a small bell, which he rings periodically, signalling that the papers be reshuffled. At the end of each shuffle, the ceremonial fire in the centre of the shuffling station is fed with a great quantity of “non-transferable” papers lifted at random by the Grand Vizier and sprinkled with salts of copper to give the fire its distinctive green flames. When the bundles of paper have been suitably diminished, five papers from each shuffling-station are taken to the Constituency declaratory lodge, in which the Solomonic Declaritor shuffles the small bundle papers and declares the first five discreet candidates to have the number “1” placed near to their portrait to have been elected.

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