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Rews – Death Yawn

John Glennon writes:

Rews is an Irish/London based high energy alt-rock duo consisting of songstress Shauna Tohill (Irish) and beat-maker Collette Williams (London).

Shauna is responsible for one of the most recognisable Irish syncs of the last few years with the track ‘Can’t Keep Up’, which she wrote and performed with her previous band Silhouette, (used by Discover Northern Ireland).

Collette is also a hugely talented vocalist and musician and can be seen drumming in the video for Gabrielle Aplin’s current hit single ‘Sweet Nothing’.

Rews (Facebook)

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6 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. inPisces

    I managed an entire 19 seconds
    Derivative, third rate
    Hand me. Down
    Dull as dill

    And that’s just the make up

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