‘I Have Been Asking Questions And Not Getting Answers’


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You may recall a post on Wednesday about the erection of scaffolding around historic buildings on Moore Street, Dublin 1.

A group of protesters are now occupying the buildings.

Further to this…

Independent TD Maureen O’Sullivan, pictured above, writes:

“Just before the Christmas break the Government voted against saving Moore St from total demolition. After which the High Court allowed a last-minute challenge to works taking place at the 1916 National Monument 14 to 17. However, while information is still very sparse, [yesterday] work began apparently gutting seven of the buildings with a plan to demolish two either side of the National Monument. A commencement notice had been granted for surveying building features in the National Monument but the works seem to be far more extensive. Fronts are being removed and the interiors are being left open to elements.”

“The “1916 Quarter Development Bill 2015″ quite simply would have meant that the four buildings which are part of the National Monument would not be surrounded by a shopping centre and the street would be preserved. I could not believe the Government would actively vote against this and pave the way for demolition of the street. We lost so much of Viking Dublin, Tara, the Mendicity Institution and we very nearly lost Kilmainham Gaol, are we now going to lose another significant historical area? And for what – another shopping mall, another shopping centre, in an area surrounded by shops and shopping centres when long-time shops such as Clerys and Boyers stuggle/d to keep their doors open?”

“While Nos. 14 to 17 Moore Street will be preserved as a national monument, that will be accompanied by the total obliteration of the laneways of history. They won’t build sufficient short-term homes for our homeless but are willing to build shopping centre over our history? The only city-based 20th century battlefield site in all of Europe to survive and they want to knock it down!

“… I have been asking questions repeatedly of the Minister and I am not getting answers. Who valued Nos. 14 to 17 Moore Street at €4 million? Why was it valued at that amount? Surely €4 million would have bought the whole terrace? Were the buildings purchased by a CPO under a State order? If so, why could the whole area not have been purchased in that way? Who has costed the restoration at €5 million? A contractor has been named for Nos. 14 to 17 Moore Street. I have made inquiries but I have still not received an answer about when the project went out to tender, how many tenders were received and who, why and how the particular contractor was chosen. The irony of ironies is that it is the ministerial consent order of the Chartered Land team that had in its plan the destruction of the entire area is being adopted.”

“When I asked for the independent comprehensive assessment on the site the Minister refused, saying an assessment had been carried out. Who was it done by? It was the same developer who wants to knock down the whole area and would have knocked down Nos. 14 to 17 Moore Street if he had the opportunity…”

Government vote to demolish Moore St (Maureen O’Sullivan)

Save Moore Street From Demolition (Facebook)

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34 thoughts on “‘I Have Been Asking Questions And Not Getting Answers’

    1. rotide

      If there were some sort of yearly Broadsheet awards (and why isn’t there!) , Dav would be a shoo in for doggedly linking every occurance in daily life to the blueshirt conspiracy.

      You’re an inspiration Dav

    2. Frilly Keane

      There’s an election ta’pay for

      Those buses with the stickers on the side aren’t for nathing

  1. Eoin

    I’m sickened by this. I know so many involved in campaigning to have that site saved for so many years. It’s heart breaking to see the state in general NOT CARE at all about this site. They’d be happy to see it demolished….along with the history associated with it. Must we fight the government on absolutely everything these days? Anyone get the feeling that the skullduggery and general special interest pandering has gone off the scale?

    1. Sam

      Must we fight the government on absolutely everything these days? Anyone get the feeling that the skullduggery and general special interest pandering has gone off the scale?

      No, it’s been like this for a long time.
      Cast your mind back to a time when they could literally take someones kids and put them to work in sweatshops where they could be brutally beaten with no effective recourse to law.

      People fought to change that.
      Not enough people fought to stop them loading us with debt to bail out their mates, and look at what it costs us now – almost 40% of our GDP – imagine the benefits to the health system, education system, and job creation we could do with the money we let them give away to unsecured bondholders in a bank that didn’t serve the general public.

      Yes, we must always struggle to keep what we have as well as make progress. The idea that we can sit back and worry little more about what to put on the shopping list is an empty delusion.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    ” The only city-based 20th century battlefield site in all of Europe to survive ”

    Sorry, what now? It’s emotional bullpoo like that that makes me desire more and more to ignore this issue. You have a good position to fight from, lose the hyperbolic claptrap ffs !

    1. Boba Fettucine

      Especially as there’s one around the corner. The GPO.

      Pretty sure the Reichstag might count as one too.

      And the Normandy Beaches.


      I’m already heartily sick of 1916.

      1. ahjayzis

        You’re welcome to join in me in spending the year celebrating the anniversary of 1986.

        Truly the year 80’s music reached it’s zenith. I’ve a playlist in the works and all.

  3. Frilly Keane

    If the FFS Fein pact is to have any chance
    Nows the time lads

    Put on yere thermals
    Borrow a few sleeping bags
    And get dug in

      1. steve white

        Humphreys as Heritage Minister, the Minster who won’t name the people that instructed her to abuse her Ministerial duties

    1. John

      Heather Humphries whom Ms O’Sullivan must be referring to…Ms Humphries is the Minister for Arts, Heritage & the Gaeltacht.

  4. pixel_pimp

    not content with asset-stripping the nation’s coffers for the benefit of bond-holders this neocon cabal in power are happy to strip out heritage as well for a few euro’s.
    did ya’s sell us cheap ya b’stads?

  5. dino

    They campaigned to get it restored,
    now they’re campaigning to stop the restoration.
    I don’t get it, what do they want exactly? For the street to be paved with gold?

  6. wearnicehats

    Street’s a kip in a kip of an area regardless of what nationalistic fervour people want to attach to it.

    They could dress this street up to look like a Turkish Bellydancer and I still wouldn’t have a single reason to go there. If I want a bag of grapes I’ll go to the Spar

  7. Mr S

    The TD bemoans the loss of Moore Street for a shopping centre.

    Moore St is a shopping centre, and a pretty bloody ugly, pigeon-infested hellhole of a shopping centre it is too.

  8. Christopher

    I live in the area and know about their story- I believe that buildings of historical importance should be preserved but I must admit couldn’t really care less about the Moore St buildings- it’s not a vital part of Irish history let alone Easter rising history. It’s just a dilapidated terrace that need to be completely gutted and started again to make it functional.

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