8 thoughts on “Doggone

  1. Colin

    To be fair to land owners in the country, the vast majority have little issue with respectful hill walkers but just because people have left the local park doesn’t mean you can take the dog off the lead. A dogs natural instinct is to hunt and I’ve seen many a dog take after a sheep, cow or other livestock. When challenged, most owner generally repeat the mantra that ‘Its only play’ or ‘wouldn’t hurt anyone’ A stressed animal, especially in the season, can lose their offspring. Who picks up the bill? The farmer. I’ve seen plenty of animals mauled either by the dog itself or in the fleeting panic to get away.

    Gentle reminder to dog owners, if you dog is off the leash and troubling livestock, its fair game for the end of a rifle or shotgun. Unless the dog is trained, keep it on the leash.

    1. Neilo

      Agreed. Doting dog owner and committed hill walker here who would never infringe this code of honour: pity the same can’t be said about the few numbnuts I spy every summer on the mountain paths.

  2. Billy Joan

    no better sign of an utter middleclass snob than the apostrophe nerd – you know what the sign means, you just want to show off that you’re educated and make someone else feel stupid

    1. scottser

      all farmer’s should learn how to use apostrophe’s. how are they supposed to fill out there milk quota form’s if they cant use apostrophe’s? how can they tell how many sheepses they have if they dont know there plural’s from their possessive’s? eh? eh?

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