16 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

        1. Twunt

          Do you not believe the police officer’s account of events because of my name? How very grown up of you.

          1. MajorThrill

            Personally it has more to do with Brietbart being about as trustworthy as a North Korean press release.

          2. Twunt

            I hope the irony a commentator bemoaning the bemoaning the legitimacy of a news source, on a website that specialises in pictures of things that look like ireland and stolen bicycles, is not lost on you. I wonder if people made similar sneering comments, about the excellent coverage on broadsheet.ie, of the Kate Fitzgerald story.

          3. Malta

            He doesn’t believe because you cited Breitbart as your source.

            Which seems fairly clear to me.

            Are you being disingenuous, or perhaps reading comprehension is not your strong point?

          4. MajorThrill

            @Twunt Broadsheet have never transparently claimed that the bikes were stolen by FEMINAZIS!!!! or that things are shaped like Ireland by THE LIBERAL AGENDA TO MAKE OUR KIDS GAY MARRY DOGS.

            Also that isn’t irony and don’t bring Kate Fitzgerald into this because Brietbart would have run a dozen hit pieces on that poor woman before she was even in the ground. It’s vile trash and its readers are garbage humans who couldn’t manage a straight argument in a narrow corridor.

          5. Twunt

            So it would appear that seeking to highlight or even acknowledging the sexual assault and rape of hundreds of women is equated to being an attack on the prevailing ideology of the day, which is that uncontrolled migration we are currently witnessing is a good thing. Most sensible people would say that is is not.

            Perhaps the rape of a 3 year old boy in Norway will help you come to your senses. Or maybe the publication is not erstwhile enough for you, and the incident did not happen, which will come as great comfort to the boy and his parents.


          6. MajorThrill

            Well, I’ll give you this much – countering accusations of unreliable reporting with inferrals that the other party is cool with ignoring mass rape and child abuse is pretty much consistent with brietbart’s level of reportage.
            Though next time you might want to go the whole hog and find something on my facebook account from fifteen years ago that looks a bit sketchy out of context and blow it wildly out of proportion howling that I’m actually pro rape with a view towards undermining man’s place in western society.

      1. Original Cynic

        If mainstream media choose to avoid or actively block coverage of events like Cologne, outfits such as Briebart will happily fill the void!

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