37 thoughts on “Cé Mhéad?

  1. Darragh

    Oh look it’s our weekly ‘look I ate in an expensive restaurant or a restaurant in an expensive hotel and I am shocked, shocked I tells ya…just how much this expensive establishment charged me for [Insert items here]’.

    For the love of Jesus, Allah, Buddah and the Flying Spaghetti Monster please stop posting these posts…

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      The only difference here is that ‘Bobby Beamer’ failed to mention ‘we’re back, baby’.

      Not going to the trouble this time of explaining restaurant mark-ups. A fool is easily parted with his money.

    1. ahjayzis

      This isn’t a Travelodge, it’s a luxury hotel you imbecile – Luxury costs money, it’s not entrapment and there’s a Kylemore a few metres away.

    2. Rob_G

      Of course, it’s the blueshirts fault that Bobby doesn’t make good purchasing choices, oh my sainted aunt…

  2. well, tat's that

    I should copy and paste my comment on this thing from last week (same restaurant and everything) but effort….. spar up the street, stop being shocked that luxury hotels are expensive etc etc

  3. ahjayzis

    Afternoon tea in the Savoy or the Ritz is £60-70.

    Tea, cakes and sandwiches don’t actually cost that much to provide – you’re paying for the pleasure of having afternoon tea in the Savoy or the Ritz.

    If you want a basic mug of scald and toast at a low price, maybe give the five star hotels a swerve.

        1. well, tat's that

          The Merrion do a very similar set up, called Tea Art. All the cakes are inspired by paintings dotted around the hotel. But I didn’t take a picture of the receipt because I’m not a moron.

          1. ahjayzis

            That’s a bit too much frippery for my liking, I hate feeling guilty about destroying the look of something I’m eating!

            I’m sure you were scandalised and traumatised by having to pay more than a tenner for an auld pot of tae and a few auld cakes though weren’t ya?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      It’s the best thing since sliced bread….but you will pay for such a pioneering foodstuff.

  4. collynomial

    For heaven’s sake Bobby, knowing that Broadsheet posts this crap, would you not have a look at previous Broadsheet about how the Gresham is expensive like the one from 5 days ago?

  5. arghonaut

    Is BS just on a loop now?

    Tempted to go look at the loathsome Joe.ie for something less predictable and dull.

  6. dino

    How much did they expect it to cost?
    They could have gone elsewhere if they wanted a cheap breakfast, they’re paying for the nice surroundings.

    Riff Raff like this shouldn’t be allowed in the Gresham.

  7. Kieran NYC

    In the new and improved Broadsheet, this picture will be accompanied by a 500 word screed on why luxury goods and services should not exist in the New Ireland and we’ll yearn for the brevity of this post.

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