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The latest Here’s How [Irish current/political/social affairs] podcast with William Campbell (above).

William writes:

The government is planning to introduce Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol, so that off licences would be forced to charge – and keep – a major increase in the prices of cheaper alcohol products. Is this motivated by a desire to improve public health, or improve the financial health of publicans? Conor Cullen of Alcohol Action Ireland answers the questions [link below].

Listen here

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11 thoughts on “Drink At A Price

  1. Sam

    Fairly sure that’s not William Hederman in the photo referred to. It may be Conor Cullen of Alcohol Action Ireland.

  2. DubLoony

    If you are a hardened street drinker, you are after the most bang for your buck. The measure is aimed at those guys. The gut-rot crap that they drink becomes more expensive, reducing the volume that can be drunk.

    1. Martin

      or more likely, increasing the amount they spend on getting the same amount of booze, often through increased crime.

    2. Ros

      Current laws against selling to people who are drunk should be enforced. There would be no need for higher alcohol pricing if those selling alcohol were held more responsible for it. Though publicians refuse entry to pubs for those who are clearly drunk they have no problem with serving drink to those already inside the pubs.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Where does drunk begin or end?

        Drunk is when you’ve been bingeing, everyone could agree on that yeah…. sure?

        And then off course, because it’s all the barman’s fault, drinkers should be treated like children, all of them.

        So, next time you go on a “binge”, that is, for more than three drinks (3 pints) you should be shown the door for having the neck to go for a forth. More than three pints in a sitting is double the recommended daily and classed as binge drinking…. but you knew that I’m sure.

    3. joj

      €1 a can is still about twice as much as most EU country’s and as about as cheap as you’ll find in Ireland, and they want that put up to a crazy €2 a can!!

      Dont tell me this wont effect regular drinkers, I’m not a hardened drinker and I’ll still buy cheap beer, your claims of only gut rot will be affected are completely untrue, not to mention expensive beer will now become more expensive to differentiate quality.

      Removing someones personal rights is a not a real solution to any problem, which is what this boils down to, want to help alcoholics, feel free, just dont promote legislation that removes peoples freedom

      1. scottser

        argualbly, if the government wanted to do something to reduce harm from alcohol use they would provide more early-stage alcohol treatment services and prioritise their multiple-return patients.

  3. Chris

    I really should try and drink more, I mean I am doing my bit but we could all try harder couldn’t we, and with these low low prices everyone is a winner, or a drunk, drunks win!

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