Meanwhile, In The Dáil



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Brian Walsh (Fine Gael)

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32 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In The Dáil

      1. Zuppy International

        Unlike Walsh – of course – who is so classy he voted in favour of The Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2013 which helps expedite the actions of the criminal bankster fraternity who seek to repossess family homes faster – even though these same criminal banksters have already been bailed out/paid off by the unlawful actions of the puppet administrators, with the burden shouldered by ordinary families for the next 2-3 generations.

        Nothing classier than a Blueshirt lackey. Isn’t that right Kieran NYC?

        1. And the O'Scair goes to Frilly Keane

          No it doesn’t
          It closed a loop hole about enforcing a security
          More importantly It also gave specific rights to the homeowner to get an adjournment to any proceedings to seek another arrangement with an Insolvency Professional

          go back to facebook

          1. Zuppy International

            Incorrect. It allows the banksters initiate proceedings for summary judgement to evict people from the family home without any proof of claim. And it allows the Registrar/Sheriff to facilitate these said evictions, even though the criminals bankers have already been paid for their fraudulent loans.

            The evidence is in the Courts System, thousands already homeless because of this unlawful eviction process.

            Go read a book Frilly, you might actually learn something.

          2. Frilly Keane

            Oh Christ
            Annuder ‘wan

            I’m thick
            You’re the smart one cause you have a banner and a shouty voice

          3. Zuppy International

            Insults beget insults Frilly.

            Now stop trying to make people feel sorry for you (you did it to yourself).

  1. Peter Dempsey

    Using the term “bankster” is juvenile and infantile. I presume Zuppy is the sort of person who worries about “suits” and prefers to associate with crusties.

    1. Zuppy International

      The Gangster/Banker conflation is a perfect description of the criminal money launderers. How would you choose to describe them?

      What gives you the right to make presumptions about me, suits and/or crusties?

      Are you someone who thinks the Royal Oireachtas should have a formal dress code? Or that anybody educated outside the elite private school system should be neither seen nor heard within public discourse and should only be available for a figurative (if not literal) rogering according to the whims and fancies of the self-appointed corporate overlords?

      1. Peter Dempsey

        I’d describe them as rogue or criminal bankers.
        Do you have an issue with all people who work in banks or just the ones that Do Bad Things? My mother and brother both worked in the industry and are nice people.

        I don’t think the Royal Oireachtas needs a formal dress code.

        However, unlike you, I don’t have an issue with people who wear suits or who work in the corporate world. We can’t all be creative or artistic.

          1. Nice Anne {Dammit}

            Really? Using autistic as an insult is the best you can do?
            Wahay, some people have learning difficulties, lets use that a term of abuse on the internet. Wahay.

            How many times do I have to flush to get rid of things like you?
            If you are going to be a smartarse, first you have to be smart. Otherwise you’re just an arse.
            You are as bright as a black hole, and 10 times as dense.

          2. inPisces

            I was too polite to draw attention to your own learning difficulties earlier Anne but now that you bring it up ..

        1. Zuppy International

          I don’t have an issue with everybody who works in a bank, just the criminals in the Boardrooms.

          If you want to wear a suit go right ahead, what do I care?

          However the elevation of corporate might over peoples’ rights (the Trojan horse of Irish Water for one example, the unlawful Bank Guarantee for another, the posers in the Oireachtas preaching austerity for the rest of us while voting themselves pay and pension increases for a third example) that’s the kind of stuff I have a problem with.

          But maybe you’re ok with getting (figuratively) f**ked by the incompetent, if not malevolent fools who cater to the banksters’ every whim.

          Are you?

        2. Cluster

          I would hate to wear a suit in work but wearing one doesn’t pre life creativity.

          Nor does not wearing one make you ‘creative’

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