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  1. jeremy kyle

    I’m no expert and maybe someone else can clarify, but I think you’ve got 30 days to cancel your contract without any penalties. That’s if you could be arsed going to the rigmarole of getting a new provider.

        1. Robert

          Sky for the quality of their telly package if that’s important tho I believe their internet is fairly average. Eir believe it or not are quite good these days, for tv too. Magnet worth a look also.

  2. Mario Balotelli

    UPC are forgiven almost anything by me.. it’s down to them we have 240/360Mbps unlimited fibre broadband. If I was relying on Eircom, sorry ‘Eir’, and their ‘Super Fast Next Generation’ I’d be tipping along at 2Mbps and weeping silently.

    1. Anomanomanom

      Expect the tv service is crap. I rang about changing my service since my Upc box is 8 years old and I’m paying €10 more than what they say the price should be. They wanted €185 as iv to “upgrade” and an installation fee would be added on to the price, even if I install(plug it in) myself. And not one descent English speaker on the customer service.

    2. ollie

      Mario, that’s not strictly true. UPC don’t have “fibre broadband”. Secondly, the “unlimited” piece is down to a now extinct company called Smart Telecom, the first in Ireland to remove a download limit.
      As for relying on eir, when this company was known as Telecom Eireann it was sold off by a Fine Gael government, over the following years the company was stripped of assets and bankrupted, leaving no money for investment.
      Imagine a government selling off their most important infrastructure: telecoms network, road network, water network, electricity transmission network. 2 out of 4 completed under the watch of Fine Gael and look at the result. M50 and eir broadband network in poo .

      1. Weedless

        I had an account with Smart back in the day. They were great (from a customer point of view anyway, not sure about as a business). Very fast, for the time, and probably still decent by today’s standards, properly no limit to downloads when the best anyone else would do was some sort of “fair use” shite that’d throttle the connection after 20 Gig of downloads. That and you could get through to their tech guys directly through the forums if you had a problem.

        1. rotide

          Fair use contracts are pretty essential to the ongoing viability of the internet.

          The cap amount can be up for debate alright but sorry, contention is a real thing and you have to share with everyone else.

      2. Mario Balotelli

        Ollie – broadband, fibre, whatever – it’s a fantastic piece of infrastructure. It’s not UPC’s fault that the Irish government made a balls of our national broadband roll out. They’ve provided a lot of people with a great connection and my hat’s off to them. It’s the hardest working 50 quid I spend every month.

      3. PaddyW

        Wasn’t it Fianna Fail/PD government (Mary O’Rourke as minister responsible) that sold off Telecom Eireann?

  3. Funster Fionnanánn

    Boo hoo.

    I’m guessing your up and down speed is mental.

    I’m paying €50 for 3 down and 0.2 up.


  4. eamonn clancy

    90 euros a month so I can flick during the adverts to watch more adverts? I’m sticking with them but downgrading to broadband only.

    1. jeremy kyle

      Aye, I don’t bother with a standard TV service, maybe it’d be handy for watching some sports – but shur, someone has to keep the publicans in business, wha?

          1. Anne

            Apps are legal.. Internet is legal.. streaming is legal.. Downloading is legal.. Uploading is also legal. Sorry diddums.

          2. rotide

            Brian, You’re probably right. When the C&D notice comes, Ill change it.

            What I won’t do is sit here and first of all deny that I’m breaking the law, then when proven utterly wrong, lay all the blame on ‘the fat cats’

          3. Anne


            Universal entertainment.
            Copyrighted or eh…. something.

            He who’s advising everyone what they’re doing is illegal, will await his C & D letter. waaahhhaaaaaaa.

            I don’t think receiving a stream is illegal, regardless if copyrighted.

            Think of it like a pirate radio station.. coz I’ve got equipment for listening to it – i.e. a radio and I know the megahertz to tune my radio to, doesn’t mean I’m doing anything illegal.. Ja get it now? It’s the same with apps like Mobdro.

    2. Robert

      Get all your free to air Uk tv on filmon – completely legit and if u get yourself a kodi box it’s fairly transparent too. Saorview for your Irish channels and you won’t miss the rest.

      1. Cian

        Its not “completely legit”. It makes assumptions that US law for rebroadcast applies worldwide – which it doesn’t. Its rather illegal here.

        Get a Freesat setup.

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        “Fupp paying for water”

        What a bizarre non sequitur. Where did I say that?

        “Fupp paying for TV and Movies eh?”

        Fupp paying 60 blips a month for it with regular price increases anyway. I pay my telly licence and a tenner a month for Netflix and Youtube takes care of the rest. Chromecasts are the business.

        1. Anne

          Yeah Moyest, what’s your excuse for not subscribing to UPC?
          I’d also like to know your excuse for not subscribing to Sky, and Bord Gais, and Meteor, and Eir, and Playboy too while you’re at it…

          1. rotide

            That is true, at least you’re not totally thick and trying to bareface it like our blonde colleague there.

          2. Brian Shaler

            You really do come across as some kind of hall monitor knob Rotide.You have an quare interest in other people that tells me you yourself could be a bit of a bote.Am I right?

    1. Nessy

      In theory yes, because they are changing your original pricing contract. Best to contact them but they’re never going to tell you out straight that “you’re free to leave”

      1. Christopher

        Yeah good luck getting out of a UPC contract! Seriously the most useless company operating in Ireland. They didn’t change when they changed the name from NTL and going by this increase they haven’t changed their price gouging inept customer service yet. Cancel, take whatever fee you have to pay and move on- you are better off in the long run.

        1. Robert

          Make sure you do your correspondence by email, or get confirmation of anything agreed by phone by email cause they’ll otherwise “accidentally” make a mistake and charge you double or something. Has happened to loads of people I know.

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            I worked in a call centre when I was in college. There’s no need for inverted commas. There’s nothing deliberate about that. It’s just incompetence.

          2. Robert

            I worked in a call centre too once upon a time, and I can tell you incompetence is engineered at the organisational level. Always conveniently to customers disadvantage.

      2. MJ

        In fact eh, yes they did. Just got that same email and I quote: “We really hope you’ll carry on enjoying Virgin Media. But if you’d rather, you can change or cancel your package at any time before 18 February 2016 without paying any penalty or cancellation fees.”

        Like, here are the new prices or you can FRO.

  5. ollie

    Your contract is void if there is a price rise during the contract period.
    If you are thinking of cancelling, ask them to remove their property from your property, cabling, amplifiers, everything.

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