Sure Where Would You Get It?


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This afternoon.

Grand Canal at Leeson Street Bridge, Dublin 2

Thanks Gary Brrne




Grand Canal bank wildlife at lunchtime.

Pic: Gary Byrne



Mark Maguire writes:

He was in existential mode for us…

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15 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?

  1. Stephen McPadden

    The second picture is actually mine, i am a friend of Gary’s but would like the credit.


    1. kiora

      The barge men on the Canal call him Oscar.. I Named him when he was a nipper, his mother who feeds there also I dont know her name

  2. Gary

    I love a bit of Canal every now and then Spaghetti, just be greatful i didnt filter the life out of it like i usually do

    1. Nessy

      Gary and his techno colour dream boats: A psychedelic walk along a Dublin Canal

      Yeah thanks for saving us all the visual filtered pain and suffering :P

  3. Dav

    should take a few pics of the used johnnies and used latex gloves that cover that path, showing then grubby side of the d4 dream

  4. The Rancid

    Ok, so the first photo is annoying me. That’s not Leeson St Bridge, but i do know it to see. Anyone know where it it actually is??

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