Equality For All?



From top:  Independent Alliance members earliert this month including Finian McGrath (second right); William Campbell

Finian McGrath TD, talks to journalist William Campbell of  [Irish current affairs podcast] Here’sHow.ie about the Independent Alliance’s 10-point statement of principles.

For example:

William Campbell: “Does the point ;Equal rights, opportunity and access to justice for all regardless of gender, creed or age’ mean that taxpayer-funded schools run by the Catholic Church will no longer be able to discriminate?”

Finian McGrath: “Absolutely, that’s stressed very strongly in principle five, we strongly believe in equal access to education, and that’s something that applies to people that work in the education service”.

Campbell: “And an equal admissions policy for non-Catholic children?”

McGrath: “I’ll have to consult with my colleagues.”


Listen here

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16 thoughts on “Equality For All?

  1. Steve

    I have to give credit where it’s due. A BS post which doesn’t show the opposition in the best light. Kudos

  2. Anomanomanom

    An alliance and not an actual party. I wonder why, oh wait yeah I do know, none of them want to give up the allowance they get for being independent.

  3. DaithiG

    A primary principle of a Republic is equality for all its citizens.

    Except Prods, and Gheys, and Wimmin, and immigrants.

        1. Anomanomanom

          Yeah i mean as a majority iv so many choices, people just don’t understand the stress of it all.

  4. ahyeah

    In fairness to McGrath, that’s [quoted above] not what he said. He actually said his personal view would be ‘yes’, but he’d have to consult with his colleagues as to whether it’s a “red line issue”. He also confirmed that it’s an ultimate objective of the Alliance.

    Slightly poor form there, BS.

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