16 thoughts on “Garage Banned

  1. Owen

    Regs will be passed to the Garda….. to do what with? Set up a sting to catch these pesky soccer moms once and for all!

  2. julomoppet

    Whelan’s Park was recently upgraded to become a big astro pitch, so more teams are training there with little parking facilities…

  3. joj

    These feckers block up that whole area collecting their precious kids every week, dont blame esso, its a private business why should it act as a public car park for those with no intention of doing business there

  4. Fairhill

    Who knows if you have enough people around your forecourt they might just come and buy something, they won’t buy anything with that sign up. Short sighted businessman, or over zealous lazy employee

  5. A Taxpayer

    If only Esso on Sandford Road would crack down on the muppetry clogging the vicinity every morning.

  6. phil

    I don’t think the Gardai would be interested , there is a primary school across the road from Westwood (clontarf) , and every school morning its chaos there , I can see the issue, there is no parking or drop off area. Up the road about 100 meters is Clontarf garda station , if there was a will something would be done about it , the cycle lane is always blocked from about 8am to 9:30 .

    If it were a bank or shop and you abandoned your car on the cycle lane with hazards on , a ticket would soon follow.

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