‘I Hope That That’s Clear’


On RTÉ Radio One’s This Week yesterday, presented by Colm Ó Mongáin, Taoiseach Enda Kenny refused to rule out – several times – making a deal with Independent TD Michael Lowry after the general election.

How it played out…

Colm Ó Mongáin: “Why would you not, after all that’s happened, rule out Michael Lowry as somebody to support in Government?”

Enda Kenny: “Well, first of all, let me confirm, to you quite clearly and categorically, there are no discussions, no connections, no contact with any Independent, from the Fine Gael party. I don’t envisage having to do business with any Independent, with any Independent.”

Ó Mongáin: “OK.”

Kenny: “Because the proposition I’m putting forward to the people is that they have the choice…”

Ó Mongáin: “But just on this specific point, on this specific point, you’ve ruled out Fianna Fáil, you’ve ruled out Sinn Féin, so you are in the business of ruling people out, why not just add Michael Lowry to that list?

Kenny: “My proposition is to to say to you that I want the people to make a choice, to give their verdict to decide if they want this recovery kept moving forward, if they want the impact of that developed into appointments, services and…”

Ó Mongáin: “With respect Taoiseach, now we’ve covered that in the first half of this interview, but, on the specific question of Deputy Michael Lowry, would you rule out supporting him in Government?”

Kenny: “I have no intention and no connections and I don’t envisage having to do business with any Independent after the election.”

Ó Mongáin: “But that’s a prediction, would you not just take him off the pitch, given that you said in the Dáil, in March 2011, in response, the Tribunal finds serially, serially against Deputy Michael Lowry. You used adjectives like ‘arrogance’, ‘unseemliness’, ‘danger of the public reaction’ and, I quote, ‘I cannot a mandate from the Irish people or true democrats anywhere that would involve an order or desire or permission for the behaviour outlined in that report.’ Now that surely puts Michael Lowry beyond the pale for your Government?”

Kenny: “Let me bring you back to what I said to you here. First of all, I confirmed categorically there is no connection…”

Ó Mongáin: “With respect, Taoiseach, that’s not the question. I asked you would you rely on the support of Michael Lowry..”

Kenny: “I don’t envisage having to do business with any Independent member of the Dáil. Who the people elect is their business. My proposition is for the re-election of the Fine Gael/Labour government. This recovery is very fragile. Now is not the time to mess around with it. Now is not the time to disrupt the progress that the people can clearly see. I want…”

Ó Mongáin: “Taoiseach, can you give a Yes or No answer. Is Michael Lowry a potential person to support the Government? You don’t envisage it but if the numbers came down to it, could you rule him out?”

Kenny: “I have no intention of having to do business with any Independent, I hope that that’s clear.”

Ó Mongáin: “It’s not, with respect, Taoiseach, as to whether or not you’re going to do business with Michael Lowry after the next election. You don’t want to do business with any Independent but you’re not going to rule out Michael Lowry?”

Kenny: “I have no intention of dealing with speculation about the outcome of the election. I don’t intend to have to do business with any Independent. I hope that that’s clear.”

Listen back to the interview in full here

Kenny has no intention of doing business with Independents (RTE)

26 thoughts on “‘I Hope That That’s Clear’

  1. Fergus the magic postman

    As you’re so fond of clarity there Inda, just to be clear, & in the name of clarity, you’re a tool.

    You’ll be glad to know that that much is crystal clear to most of the electorate. Even the ones who might be foolish enough to vote for you.

    1. inPisces


      The democratic wish of the people is of scant concern to the reactionary trolletariat

      1. Fergus the magic postman

        I was wondering when you’d show up under your inPisces account.
        Here’s a catchup: Some users said some bad things about Enda & Joan today. The term blueshirt was used a couple of times, and there was a decidedly liberal stance amongst some of the comments.

        You’ve a lot of great trolling opportunities to catch up on, so I won’t keep you.*

        *that’s assuming you weren’t already logged in & trolling under one of your other usernames.

    1. classter

      Enda is hurting the FG brand.

      The one thing they had up to now was some sense of uptight, bum-sniffing proprietary.

      Enda seems intent on ensuring that nobody can tell the difference between FF & FG.

          1. Deluded

            I listened to Noel Whelan today on The Right Hook (I hate myself) and it looks like FG could get 60-70 seats leaving them a dozen seats short. They could easily form a government with Renua et al leaving the republicans, republicans and socialists adrift for another five years.

      1. Rowsdower

        Lowry knows where the bodies are buried. Rule him out and he might open his mouth on a few things.

  2. ivan

    The message this sends is ‘go and vote for your own local independent, because they might be of more use to the gubment (and to YOUR area) than the FG lads will be…

  3. meadowlark

    I’d love it if, just for the laugh, like, they showed just a little bit of integrity…

    But they’ve no sense of humour up in Leinster House.

  4. Serval

    Why doesn’t he just lie and rule Lowry out?
    He can always just do a u-turn later if he needs to and say he was unaware of the situation he might find himself in.
    Isn’t that what you do in elections?

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