The World’s Biggest Train Set


miniatur-wunderland-street-view-5 Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 12.55.22 Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 12.54.34 miniatur-wunderland-street-view-7

Want to experience the most extensive train set in the world?

Well, you could visit Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg and watch 900 model trains wend their way around nine acres of tiny dioramas on 13km of track.

Or you could visit Google’s 360° mapped version.

And make little choo-choo noises. And clap your hands. Whee!

Seriously, would it kill you to put some clothes on?

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10 thoughts on “The World’s Biggest Train Set

  1. zackersetu

    Complete with woman flashing her Chesticles … go to Austria… bicycle race … oh there she is!!

    1. zackersetu

      Ahhhh …… well this is just the gift that keeps on giving … in a weird inappropriate , not really for a family day out sort of way.

      Find the chesticle flasher …. then pan to the right … then up the mountain side … there appears to eba a man half dressed (or obscured by tree) (hoping the latter as it looks like robes… and a woman .. shall we say that she is praying very close to his crotch!!!!!! (assuming that it is robes again)

  2. Liam Deliverance

    Cheers zackersetu,

    I think the man in the robes is blessing the woman, cyclist number 4 seems to have taken a bit of a wobbler thanks to the efforts of the chesticle flashing lady, oh and further up the road, near the lady with the shopping trolley and the lady with the walking stick, is that a kangaroo with a cyclist on its back?

  3. The People's Hero

    Gorgeous and all that it is, tot the most diverse diorama, is it? Some sort of fantasy/utopian German ‘social engineering’ going on?!

  4. Liam Deliverance

    It is very nice, at first I was wondering why build it, but sure you know Google, a wedge of cash burning a hole in their pocket, they need to do something. As for diversity, there is also “Scandinavia” and “America” in the Miniatur Wunderland !?

  5. Eoin

    That’s just wonderful stuff. Apart from the creepy bit where the train drivers head turns to look at the camera…by itself. Ahhhh!!

  6. Sam

    I went there last year with my kids. We spent 4 hours walking around it, and they loved it. The airport is amazing.

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