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  1. Gdo

    I don’t really have a problem with this; at least it is experience in something that can lead to a career (albeit probably not a very well paid one).

    1. classter

      Yup, agreed.

      The IGS does great work & is only kept going thanks to donations.

      Realistically, their alternative for a role like this is to keep the itnernship but give it to buddies rather than advertise it widely.

          1. Kevin Finnerty

            if you want minimum wage go work in mcdonalds. the role of an internship is to gain relevant industry experience

          2. Anomanomanom

            Your showing your ignorance, “go work in McDonald’s”, for your information it pays more than min wages. Much much more if you put the work in.

          3. Kevin Finnerty

            @Dav Apologies, that was a bit glib on my part. Nothing necessarily wrong with working in McDonalds. My point is that its not the role of an internship to provide minimum wage, it’s an opportunity for someone interested in a specific area to gain experience in the hope of improving employment chances in that area further down the line.

            @Fergus maybe so, but do you not still count as unemployed if your drawing social welfare?

  2. Randy Ewing

    Isnt this what JobBridge was for ?

    The use of it by the public sector during a hiring freeze was the abuse.

    Shame on you Joan and Alan !

  3. BusyB

    The Irish Georgian Society is actually a hugely hardworking and extremely squeezed charity reliant on a legion of volunteers and the extraordinary generosity of donors (a lot of whom donate from abroad) for the protection of Irish architectural heritage. IMO their contribution is invaluable because the government has very little interest in heritage despite the fact that Ireland’s historic environment contributes €1.6 billion to the Irish economy every year – for example, many owners of historic properties rely on the IGS small grants scheme, because there is so little in the way of government funding. In terms of Job Bridge Any one who has tried will know how extremely hard it is to get experience in the heritage sector so the job bridge scheme actually makes a real difference for candidates as all go on to full time work in the sector (see IGS facebook page). Everyone’s entitled to their opinion and I know Job Bridge is unpopular, but, to my mind, this is what Job Bridge was actually designed for – with the added benefit of it helping a hardworking charity.

    1. Tom

      Wonder how much the head of the Irish Georgian Society gets paid? I bet you it’s not below minimum wage.

    1. scottser

      yep. it’d be nice to have on the CV if you were going for the OPW or similar. and sure 9 months of yabbering on about doric columns and william chambers – sure where would you get it?

  4. IMO

    If its a well managed and structured internship, I see no issue. I myself was on the scheme for 9 months and with the aid of a brilliant mentor, I am now in a full time job.

    Also, looking at their site, it clearly states that it is a charity, not a private ‘well funded; organisation. Carmel should spend more time checking the facts than scrolling through the JobBridge site looking for a “scoop”.

    1. Bingo

      Nice one!
      But you can almost forgive people for jumping to conclusions based on the sheer volume of exploitative ‘internships’ that have surfaced over the last few years.

    2. Jim

      The Irish Georgian Society is a ‘charity’. A charity that has very fancy champagne parties, that gives preference to large donors, and whose representative voted to sell the Russborough paintings. Charity my ar@e

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    Hired a jobbridge intern for a 9-month project and I actively mentored, trained, provided references etc.
    Boss was delighted – sez to me “can we not just keep hiring unpaid interns instead of a full-time person?”.

    Therein is your problem….EXPLOITATION.

    The above looks alright on the surface though as it’s offering more than it’s taking.

  6. Charley

    if the economy is in such good condition as the government claims why don’t they insist the employer top up the Jobbridge payment to minimum wage?

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