Abnormal Pulse Rate



“Referencing allegations that a number of Gardaí used the PULSE system to access information about the Dublin North’s 2013 arrest for suspected drink-driving, [former justice minister Alan] Shatter said he had found the incident very worrying.
“What isn’t generally publicly known is that I raised that issue with the Garda authorities and I expressed concern as to how that came about.
“I was subsequently advised… that in excess of 150 members of the force had accessed the PULSE system… some of them seem to think it was some sort of social website that they could look up for gossip purposes.”

Report of Alan Shatter on Newstalk about Clare Daly’s arrest and subsequent outing in the media and the Garda leaks.

Some gardaí were using PULSE as ‘a social website for gossip’, says former Justice Minister Alan Shatter (David Kearns, Irish Independent)

Bonkers writes:

The quote from the Independent suggests that Shatter is saying some 150 Gardai accessed the Pulse system to check details of Clare Daly’s arrest.If he was referring to 150 Gardai then this tops even the amount of civil servants who accessed Dolores McNamaras social welfare files after she won the EuroMillions Lottery.
In that episode I think it was 106 civil servants but the Gardai seem to have outdone them for breach of privacy when it came to Clare Daly and her drink driving arrest….

17 thoughts on “Abnormal Pulse Rate

    1. Anne

      Gossip is usually done more discreetly than announcing the little tidbits you were told on national tv, the thick c***. hahahaha

  1. realPolithicks

    I’m assuming its illegal for the cops to do this. If i’m right I wonder if anyone has been charged.

    1. Panty Christ

      If you’ve ever made friends with a Garda through a friend there is a high probability they’ve pulsed you. They can’t help themselves.

      Anyone know if you can FOI if someone has pulsed you for no official reason?

  2. phil

    A mate of mine from down the country was buying a house in Dublin, he got his Garda mate to check the addresses a few houses to the left and right , this was probably 10 yrs ago now, but I believe the both of them didnt even realise that some might have an issue with that …

  3. Truth in the News

    Wait till they tie up Eircode and Google Earth & GPS, they have already linked the
    OSI to Eircode, anyways would should have the list published of who accessed the
    the Pulse System and the Social Wefare data base.

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