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      1. Mikeyfex

        Or a new name^ and an often controversial name (below) are moderated. Happens all the time Zuppy. You can put down the phone to Sabu.

        1. Zuppy International

          Disingenuous moderation is disingenuous.

          New media propaganda supporting the old media propaganda.

          The mask has slipped.

  1. Eamonn Clancy

    Try watching something in the RTE Player, 1.30 minutes of adds before you can even look at the options.

    1. Gaoithe

      And if the stream breaks down, as it often does, you’ve got all those gratingly cheery scolding middle-class voices braying at you again, sometimes several times before you finish a programme. I’ve stopped watching RTE playbacks. Which reminds me, I never watched that programme on Arthur Shields… might make an exception…

      1. classter

        How many times? We have one of the lowest licence fees and we have a small population. We then use it to support RTE TV, RTE Rafio, TG4, a concert orchestra, BAI & via the BAI TV3.

  2. Steve

    Screw them – this isn’t simple geolocking – this is them insisting that you reduce your security. So I just use https://www.aertv.ie/ instead if I want to watch player online. I don’t use AdBlock – I use the MVPS hosts file for known adware and malware providers. No way I’m deleting that just to watch RTE occasionally.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    +1 PaddyIrishMan

    Fair play to RTE. These warnings will become common place soon enough. The problem is that tolerance for advertising is a lot lower online than it is for TV or radio. Just look at the reactions above.

    If you don’t want ads, PAY UP for a subscription… for Netflix then or a radio equivalent or whatever. Why should you get it for free?
    I’m happy to pay my €0.44 per day for all the RTE services, the radio programmes produced across tens of radio stations that receive money from the TV licence, and don’t forget, TV3 gets about 10% ( and up to 20% ) of TV licence money depending on the award period and the programmes pitched for funding.

    So, yeah, I’m surprised these ‘please turn off your adblocker’ warnings are not all over thew web already.

    I await your misplaced ire

          1. Clampers Outside!

            I do that too :)

            I’m only saying the provider has a right to make money back from it’s output, but like TV we don’t have to watch the ads, but the provider is entitled to show ’em, surely.

          2. Anne

            “but the provider is entitled to show ’em, surely.”

            If there’s technology available to block the ads, shouldn’t I be entitled to use it surely? If I’m interested in the ads, I can disable the ad blocker.

            Surely if the choice is available, I should be able to make that choice and particularly since I’m paying RTE, they should allow me that choice… surely.. :)

    1. Wearnicehats

      You’re overlooking the fact that the Irish sense of entitlement insists that all services are free. And that the money for this comes from magic beans.

  4. Allison Derrick

    Depending on what sort of ad is being blocked they are making anywhere between a fraction of a cent and at best maybe 4c for you to see that ad… how many of those do you think it takes to make a radio broadcast? a single episode of love/hate?

    Go on block the ads on onternet media players but you’ll regret it when the next series of Game of Thrones comes out starring Bella from Fair City, playing with Lego castles and play-doh dragons.

  5. Robby Cook

    I use Maxthon browser, has ad block built in never get a pop up, if i do it just opens in another tab
    never in a separate window, I’m not going to fire up chrome because i might want to watch/hear 1 Irish news story.

    I wouldn’t court trouble, but this is the kinda sh!te that would make you want to drag
    the the tv licence inspector into you house if they ever…. http://tinyurl.com/gmkjr2b
    & show the pk that rte want you to put your electronic security at risk..
    off to court to fight the case , prop only to end up with the judge asking what wiffy is

    use CryptoPrevent over all other antivirus if you want to c block the f out of everything

  6. Brian S

    just turn RTE into a subscription based service entirely. If you want to watch on your tv or computer then pay. if you dont want to watch it, then dont pay!

    I dont consume any products from RTE, on tv or radio, therefor i dont pay them. common sense really

    1. Wearnicehats

      Except that in Ireland only people who understand how society works pay anything at all. The rest sit back and expect. The former have always carried the latter and this will continue until the welfare state is sorted. Thankfully the former got Ireland through the last bout of austerity.

  7. Brian S

    I’ve always wondered what agreement is in place between sky and rte. I pay sky a subscription, and get access to rte, then i also pay rte to be allowed watch rte, but if i cancel the sky package that has rte, i still need to pay rte to not watch rte. do rte get a cut of the money from sky, or do they pay sky to broadcast their service…..

    either way I’ve not watched rte in a long time, and wouldnt miss it if it went subscription based. not many i know would miss it either, the only people who would suffer would be the handful of €500k a year employees of rte

    1. Clampers Outside!

      You don’t pay RTE, you pay the TV licence which RTE happen to get the lions share of.

      If you live in Dublin and cannot hear, say, the program on Clare FM paid for by the TV Licence, do you moan about that too?

          1. Brian S

            im fully aware of the way enforcement of this charge is done. The point i am making is that broadcast media should be subscription based. If i dont pay for a service from sky, they revoke that service. I dont pay for what i dont use, as im not an idiot

    2. Wearnicehats

      If you buy something from, say Lidl, you are not paying the wages of just the person on the till. You’re paying everyone in Lidl worldwide. Personally I object to the licence fee but that’s the law. The same way I object to taxation, rates, people who won’t let dogs off the lead in parks. It’s life, get on with it, stop whining. Go live a tent in a forest somewhere if you want something for nothing. Otherwise pay your way.

  8. ahjayzis

    The RTE PLayer international vision (it’s basically just Primetime and Sunday Mass) obviously doesn’t attract a lot of ads. So you watch 3 ads for the RTE Player itself, or if they happen to have a paying customer, you watch the same ad for Cravendale Milk or whatever else 3 times in a row.

    And their proper *full* international player app only comes on iPhone with ZERO mention of when it’ll be available for the other half of the world.


  9. Robby Cook

    Your missing the point entirely Clampers Outside!,
    I have an ad block on not because the adverts annoy me but because its now common for viruses to be spread & delivered
    through an advert… even established brands can have there for example ‘skyscraper’
    ad at the side of a web page hijacked unbeknown to either the host website, marketing company
    & definitely not the owner of the brand/service the advert is for.

    You may accidentally click/tap an ad say for the new KIA jeep when closing a tab
    .. unbeknown to you you have just download a virus.

    You need a good dose of ransomware & lose the scruples

  10. Fergus the magic postman

    I don’t mind paying the license.
    I do however think RTE Television is substandard, so very seldom view it. The handful of times I tried to use the player service it was just awful.

    I won’t bring jobs for life for the likes of Brian Ormond or Nicky Byrne into it.

    1. Fergus the magic postman

      Should say, while I don’t mind paying the license fee, I disagree with RTE getting such a huge cut of it, while they’re paying such outrageous salaries to such undeserving underacheiving underperformers.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Agree. I don’t want to pay €160 a year to be sold stuff. I select a lot of BBC programmes – blissfully advert free. If they can do it why can’t RTE?

      1. BS

        That’s the main objection a lot of people have. Rte want to have their cake and eat it. They get the license fee plus all the advertising revenue. And all I’ve seen them do is piss it away on huge salaries, and some “homegrown” drivel and a few movies from 4 years ago at Xmas time

      2. Ali

        The UK population is 64m and their licence fee is €145… That’s why the BBC can go ad free on some of their products. Internationally they do actually sell advertising online though.

  11. Ferret McGruber

    I agree with the OP. I pay my TV licence already. Can RTE not give me a code or login that would also allow me to watch or listen to their online content without further adverts? Otherwise, I’m being treated the same as someone who doesn’t pay a licence. Thanks RTE. That’s how you encourage compliance alright.

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