Free This Weekend?


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Dr Conor Mulvagh writes:

“UCD will be hosting the largest academic 1916 conference of the year this weekend. On Friday, February 5, and Saturday, February 6, ‘Globalising the Rising: 1916 in context’ brings together academics from across the island of Ireland and as far afield as India, South Africa, and the United States to discuss the impact and implications of Dublin’s insurrection as an event in world history.”

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Conference Programme: Globalising the Rising 1916 in international context

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14 thoughts on “Free This Weekend?

    1. scottser

      now clampers. i had me da do that smartvote yoke at the weekend, and HE turned out to be a shinner as well. you better not be my da, or we’ll be having words.

    1. Dόn Pídgéόní

      A non-science PhD still makes you a Doctor, a level of even mediocre intelligence that thankfully you will never aspire to.

    2. classter

      The term doctor predates medical doctors or universities & referred to a particularly learned person.

    1. Conor

      Hi Anne, no you can drop in and out as you wish. There’ll be some exhibitions on campus to see also if you want to check them out. Thanks for asking, Conor

      1. Anne

        That’s great, thanks a mill Conor!

        If I come long around lunch time- I’m not much of an early bird myself – and I say, well Conor on the internets said I could come along anytime, I hope they won’t be saying, who the fupp is Conor, get lost :)

  1. The Obsever

    Personally I don’t think 3 primary degrees should result in somebody being called Dr (as in a medical Dr).
    Dr Mulvagh is a bit of alright. He can talk about the rising any day to me (on a 1:1). He’s not as hot as Dr Mercille, but he’s got my attention, all the same. Rising, did someone say rising?

    1. Dόn Pídgéόní

      I have a PhD and am a Dr, the non-medical kind. Personally, that doesn’t stop me using my title to get into cardiac units and perform open heart surgery all the time because people are idiots who confuse the two titles, and therefore the underlying qualifications all the time. I also have the newest model of Benz and my pick of the nurses.

      I’m 2/2 at the moment on dead patients but hey, I’m a Dr right?

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