Grafton Street, Dublin

That queue in full.

Photographer Evan Doherty writes:

Massive queues outside the Chopped opening on Grafton Street today [with free salads for every visitor] !! Great to finally have it so close to me! ‪#‎cleaneating‬ ‪#‎healthy‬

Top pic: Ross Edmonds

40 thoughts on “Salad Insane

  1. Birneybau2

    Not salad dodgers anyway but yeah, people queue for hours for something for nothing.

    If only they were handing out dignity.

  2. Hellvetica

    At least in McDonalds the heat kills most bugs – salad bars are one of the worst for food poisoning. Are the car fumes an added extra?

    1. Christopher

      Ha- I was in their Merrion Row branch and thought the same thing! I really cannot believe that people pay for this- the veg used looked pretty unappealing- I walked out without buying anything. It’s mad what businesses become successes and which fail.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      Yeah, you’re not. You’re definitely one of the minority of smart people who are better than everyone else.

  3. Bill

    This Chopped place is a complete rip off, cost is about €9 for a salad and the majority of it is just lettuce.

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