28 thoughts on “On Your Marks

    1. rory

      Is he? He’ll promise whatever to get elected, but I have no idea what his politics are when it comes down to it.
      For example, he’s one of the few politicians who hasn’t filled out the questionnaire on smartvote.ie, which would at least give some idea of his real politics, beyond the promises within an election leaflet/calendar.

      1. Continuity Jay-Z

        You don’t know what Michael Healy Rae’s politics are?

        Here’s the primer.

        Mé Fein Party.
        Objectives to look after oneself first and foremost. Now in decreasing order of importance
        Look after family
        Look after friends
        Look after neighbours
        Look after parish
        Look after neighbouring parishes
        Look after constituency
        Look after County
        Look after region
        Look after nation (only if all other categories have been sufficiently* looked after)

        *Sufficiently – A level that can be proven to have had a detrimental on overall quality of life across the country.

  1. Sam

    Any temptation I have to look down my nose at the Kerry electorate is negated by the election posters for Willie O’Dea and Michael Noonan in my own neck of the woods.

    1. Nigel

      Maybe one day we’ll cop on and there’ll be a sane and equitable system in place that deals with infrastructure issues at a local level without recourse to political chicanery, until then keep aughing it up, and they’ll keep getting returned.

  2. Bingo

    Now that Nth. & Sth. Kerry have been merged, this tool becomes the whole counties embarrassment.
    I think he might struggle.

    As a Nth. Kerryman, I reckon Ferris and Jimmy D are more embarrassing for wildly different reasons.

  3. Eoin

    Is that his house, with the corrugated roof and the rush stains running down the wall? Nice. I wish we had some shotgun toting politicians up here in Dublin. But they’re all into flick knives and pepper spray.

    1. Goodnight Ireland

      That is his house. He doesn’t even have an indoor toilet. He pisses in a bucket that he keeps in his shed.

  4. Liam Deliverance

    That is embarrassing.Can we get that video geoblocked from being shown outside of Ireland. Magnificient people of Kerry, do the RIGHT thing this February 26th.

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