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This afternoon.

Members of the Teachers’ Union of Ireland on strike at the Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology.


That’s why they weren’t at lectures this morning.

Classes at institutes of technology stop as lecturers strike (Irish Times)

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  1. vector101

    IT Lecturers, Finished lecturing 18th Dec 2015. Started lecturing again 5 weeks later 24th Jan 2016. Then strike on the second week of the new semester. Permanent “Full Time” lecturers lecture less then 15 hours a week for less then 6 months of the year. Unions keep admin and other work outside of this to a minimum. Salaries at Lecturer S1 grade for these individuals start at ballpark 50K and head towards 100K at the upper end of the scales. These are some of the people who are striking to question why there is no funding for student facilities or the fair treatment of new entrants.

    1. ollie

      Fascinating information vector. The strike however is about reduced lecturer numbers, increasing student numbers and part time lecturers on very low wages and no job security.
      Next time, pull your head out of Enda’s bottom and try and keep up.

      1. vector101

        So in the face of “increasing student numbers and part time lecturers on very low wages and no job security” you’re not at all curious how funding to ITs is being channeled and prioritized?

        You might be barking up the wrong tree with the Enda comment btw:)

      2. Con Kennedy

        You’ll also note that lecturers on part-time contracts do not get paid over summer breaks, mid-terms, Christmas, Easter, review or reading weeks etc. But are also expected to prepare lectures, revise and develop news programmes and engage with programmatic reviews etc.

        There’s a lot more to lecturing than just showing up to the lecture.

  2. Dav

    Fair play to the workers, the employers and their shills want you to lie on your bellies and take what’s offered
    which is “The one-day strike by lecturers and researchers follows mounting concern over “crisis-level” cuts to funding and staffing numbers.”.
    Stand up for your rights and to hell with the blushirts and their shills

  3. Busby

    No IoT lecturer has less that 18 hours teaching under current employment frameworks
    Permanent or increasingly non permanent
    This strike is about funding cuts, rising student numbers without investing in infrastructure and staff and overall a failure of the government to invest in higher education.
    Btw non permanent staff do not get paid for non teaching time including time where staff are not in fact on holidays but correcting exams and continuous assessment

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