6 thoughts on “A Little Bit Country

  1. Truth in the News

    We need to establish from John Perry what are the details of his financial
    affairs in relation to arrangements made with banks in relation to his business
    activities, and also an explanation of his Dail Expenses claims while being a
    member of Dail Eireann, it seems that Fine Gael have not got this from him
    either, and when he failed to be formally nominated by a selection convention
    how can he ask for elecroral support when his own party failed to back him
    at convention.

    1. Murtles

      Exactly, when your own party doesn’t want you and you have to go crying to the high court to be allowed onto the ballot just solidifies the thick neck the man has. If elected he’ll disappear into the Dail again for another 4 years and not a finger will he lift to benefit the voters and people in the constituency as happened for the last 4 years. As the song goes, for Perry “it’s all about the money, money, money……”.

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